We are off to a good start, with that which puts a smile on the faces of the righteous: music.  I like all types of music, and have found inspiration in all types.  But my passion is a genre of house music known as Tribal.  Much more on that to come.

   I am here to celebrate the arts, to inform the public where there is a need, to write, because that is my calling, and perhaps a bit of shameless self promotion since I have gone through the trouble of setting up a blog on wordpress, but I think many of you will enjoy my writing, and my much awaited labor of love and destiny, a comedic novel called “7400.”

  As the great Flannery O’Connor wrote in her note to the second edition of her first novel, “Wiseblood” (highly recommend), and I paraphrase, ‘any good novel concerns matters of life and death.’  Even comedies.  Mine certainly satisfies that requirement.

  Alas, I am not here right now to bore you with the details of some novel to come, and my high expectations for it.  I will provide samples of the work, and all I can do is hope and encourage you to enjoy them, and to check out “7400” if it’s your speed, no pun intended.  But if I may bore you just a little, because I feel remiss at this point in telling you so little.  The work is about the idealism of the young, the hipocrisy of the government, the struggles we all meet in life and in conscience, and patience and perseverence, adaption and survival.

  Enough on that.  I attended a wake today.  Most of the wakes I have attended, did not have a priest present who said words.  Today was different.  A man who struggled to walk, who inched and jerked to the podium making such a spectacle up the aisle that his words held much anticipation, delivered, in a voice as soft and refined as was his gait awkward and tortured.

  “The souls of the just are in the hand of God, and no torment shall touch them,” he began from his bible.  Speaking of which, I got an A in a class at University called “The Bible.”  The teacher had assigned us 2 pages out of the Old Testament to read per day, which my friends and I all thought was too small an assignment to trifle with.  When the exam rolled around and I cracked the book for the first time, I spent about 30 minutes reading and re-reading the first paragraph and quickly came to the conclusion, as did my friends, that we were all fucked.  Needless to say, we connived to find old exams, and the old man at the podium, we had learned never changed his exams, hence the A’s we received. 

  I guess you could call me a secular person, obviously.  But I do respect the bible immensely as a literary work, and regret having cheated my way through that opportunity to learn more about it.  No matter what we believe, life is hard, and all we can do is our best, and to try to be good people–whatever we view a good person to be.

  We can be good people who go out at 5 AM to hear our music.  We can be good people who do not follow societal norms, who think for ourselves, who have free spirits.  We can just as easily not be, who go to mass every Sunday or every day, and attend special healing masses that seem to stretch for days.  Or perhaps none of the above applies to us.  I’ve spent more hours in The Limelight than any other church, and was more moved there than I was on the steps of St. Peter’s Basilica (I couldn’t actually get in because I was wearing shorts.  More like The Limelight than you’d think.).

  I would urge you to have patience in life that things will get better, if that is what you need, and I’d urge you to encourage the same of me, because patience can be tougher than the tides.  We are in this together.  Have humilty if you find yourself near the top of the world, because things can change, and always do. 

  “How does it feel to be picked for something quite special?”–Scumfrog, from a live Radio One Mix.

  If I had to guess, I’d say it’s a burden and a blessing.  Hopefully we will all know at some point for ourselves, and in the meantime, I aim to excite and amuse you.  And I thank you all for being good people, in the hands of some higher power, whichever that might be, and for reading, an important, elegant, and worthy passtime if there ever was one.

“All you have to do is read, and let the sun rise in the east, and let the blue skies sail away.  When we’re together all we see is the truth.  You should try and let it happen to you.”–“Celestine Prophecy,” The Instrumentals Project (track, not book)

Tomorrow I’d like to discuss art and the media, among other things.  I hope you’re with me.

Humble Regards,