The Blue Dolphin is about as constant as the sunrise, and consistently chock full of fake ingredients, like the one above–a Blue Dolphin sent to by rzgrc on March 14th, 2010, out of Texas.  The above pictured Blue Dolphin contains suspected ingredients Piperazine, which is a legal medicine in the U.S. used less commonly but acceptedly to treat ringworm, and more commonly, as knock off MDMA because in certain ways it mimicks MDMA when in your system, and releases serotonin.  Because Piperazine is legal, fake makers can put Piperazines (there are many different pipes–the ones most commonly found in fake MDMA are MCPP, TMFPP, and BZP) out as real pills with less legal exposure, than if they made a fake pill that still contained scheduled ingredients.  But we don’t want to be putting Piperazines in our body, unless we have worms, as “Pipes” are more routinely found as ingredients in the manufacture of plastics, pesticides, and brake fluid.

In perusing pillreports, The Formula has noticed 10 fake pills, suspected contents Piperazine, all since March 6th, 2010.  We have also taken note of more than 670 fake MDMA pills that are suspected to contain just Piperazines, as we did not at this time do a search for Piperazines plus other ingredients, which in all likelihood, would have yielded a very high number of results.

Here are some more pictures of fake MDMA Piperazine hits, all recent:



There are many things that disturb us about these pills we have pictured: they are all from March of this year, most are from Texas, and they all have either very recognizable stamps to young people or very popular stamps known to users as legitimate pills.  Transformers and Glocks, seen above, have been dominant pills in the underground for years, and months, respectively.  Ladies (seen above, yellow) are a popular pill of mythic proportion.  Bart Simpson and the Transformer stamp would obviously be very appealing on the stamp alone to younger people who are more unlikely to test.  Also, pills we could not find good pictures of but are either very popular or popular to the young that have recently been classified as adulterated, suspected contents Piperazine are Supermans, Batmans, and the Paul Frank Monkey.

A word on Bart Simpsons and the Paul Frank Monkey: it is always unsettling to us when we see pills that aren’t round.  Both Bart Simpsons and Paul Frank Monkeys are cut to the shape of the character’s head–for us a tell tale sign of shenanigans.  This could be the reasoning: a real pill maker is giving you a real pill and therefore does not have to precisely nail each spike on Bart Simpson’s head.

But Piperazines are only one of the many fake ingredients to show up in Blue Dolphins over the many years we have tracked them, and we are happier to report that Blue Dolphins have been more consistently a California problem than an East Coast one, though we have seen Blue Dolphins make the rounds here in NYC several times.  For many years, Dolphins were always adulterated in some form, usually containing some percentage of MDA or MDMA (anywhere from 16% to 66.7%), and the rest coming from caffeine or amphetamine.  But in recent years, makers have gone over to the legal but damaging Piperazines, and have altered the pattern–putting out an occasional Blue Dolphin that is the real thing, but way more than not, going with bunk ingredients.

For a look at an interesting page that makes a good effort to inform on the topic of the recent rise of Piperazines in the club scene, please go to

Here is a picture of a Blue Dolphin containing pure MDMA:

Here is one with some mix of Methyl group chemicals and amphetamine:

Here is another Blue Dolphin with the same suspected contents as the one above.  Notice how closely it resembles the pure MDMA Blue Dolphin.

What does the near identical appearance tell you?  It tells me one would need a kit if they didn’t want to take unneccessary chances.

For 45 Euros you can have the best kit available and this will allow you to know exactly the contents of whatever you should like to know the contents of.

By the way, is an excellent website where you can find more information about Piperazines and all manner of scientific information.  And since they put their disclaimer so perfectly, and since it echoes the sentiments of The Formula and the very pragmatic and bright author of Busted!, M. Chris Fabricant, we shall excerpt it here:

EZ Test neither condones nor condemns the use of any drug, but recognizes the fact that illicit substances will be used regardless of their illegality. There is no such thing as SAFE drug use!

And we have also stolen a little of their latin with our title. 

One more thing…in researching the origins of the Blue Dolphin for this page, we came a cross a children’s novel called Island of the Blue Dolphins by Scott O’Dell (1961).  Eerily bringing to mind the images of children from another era, when they actually read books.  Replaced now by Bart Simpson and Transformers.  And in looking up Blue Dolphins at the Urban Dictionary, the first thing that comes up is “x, mdma, beans, pills, ecstasy, e.”

Fitting that a mostly fake pill would be synonymous with those terms.  More on the Blue Dolphin and a profile on its makers to come, we promise.  But for now, we will leave you with this, also found at

“Little Johnny swam with the blue dolphins and was then compelled by evil demons within his flesh to have intimate realtions with little Jerry.”

So as the weekend approaches, have an idea as to what you are up to.  And if your latin is weak, let the buyer beware.