Above is Javy Vasquez, the Yankees only significant addition to their pitching staff this off-season, coming off their 27th World Series Championship.

The Yankees have lost 3 games this season, and Javier Vasquez has been credited with two of them (0-2).  Still, Vasquez, in his second stint as a Yankee, after a miserable 2004 season and a shaky start to the 2010 campaign, feels he deserves some sort of pass from Yankees fans, who paid exorbitant money to be on hand for Vasquez’ second loss, in only the 2nd game at the new Yankee Stadium this season.

“It was a little disappointing,” Vazquez said after the Yankees‘ 5-3 loss. “It’s my first game back, but I don’t think they’re forgetting from ’04. Hopefully I’ll get some W’s in this stadium and they’ll forget that.”

He also said:

“I feel like it’s unfair because it was so long ago,” said Vazquez (0-2). “I’m trying to concentrate on this year.”

Is he really trying though?  And how hard?  Vasquez is paid $12M to be the Yankees 4th starter, and the Yankees have won games with all of their starters on the mound so far, except for Vasquez.  The team is different, the stadium is different, but the pitcher appears to be the same.

Does Vasquez think the catcalls are unwarranted?  He seems to, but then again, does he think the crowd would have booed had he pitched better, in 04 or this year?

The manager, Joe Girardi, didn’t seem to think the pitcher is being treated unfairly.  He was asked to comment and said:

“Is it fair? It’s what it is,” Joe Girardi said. “It’s what we all have to deal with when you play here. It’s having to be mentally tough and deal with disappointment at times. That’s why this place can be tough to play.”

Read more: http://www.nydailynews.com/sports/baseball/yankees/2010/04/14/2010-04-14_javier_vazquez_pounded_booed_in_return_to_bronx_as_new_york_yankees_fall_to_los_.html#ixzz0lJDmf61o

Girardi seems to be putting it out there that Vasquez is not mentally tough–a notion that has dogged Vasquez, who has never been a big money pitcher, despite the big money he makes.

Don’t look for the Yankees to be too patient with Vasquez, who is frankly very lucky to get another shot to wear pinstripes.

–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com)