Of course on 4/20 the New York Daily News, and other news outlets that pander to the right wing and the lowest common denominator in society, would publish a poll in which the majority of respondents were backwards medievals, arising from a 4o yr coma to cite their reasons for disapproving legal cannabis, such as “it will lead to other forms of drug use” and “it will increase crime.”

That makes sense.  Legal marijuana equals illegal activity.  Sure.  And I don’t know about you, but I had smoked cigarettes and drank beer before I ever tried a “drug.”  Read the Daily News poll article here, also published in the LA Times:


Of course the right wing media is going to find a few hundred people to spout their backward partyline, on a day where pot smokers, organized in activism, were out in full force across the nation–a truer representation of the cannabis cause than anything you are going to find in some low brow local rag.

Here’s a recent New York Times article on an illegal cannabis selling ring in Brooklyn:


Fascinating that a store on a city street would be selling 1,17o pounds of product per week for years.  All to criminals, miscreants, eventual heroin addicts, and those on the gate-way precipice of crack and crystal meth, we’re sure.  The fact is, you aren’t gonna get a truer sampling of the people’s feeling about marijuana than by looking at a store in a very heavily populated and diverse neighborhood in New York City, where the worst thing that neighbors and customers noticed was people leaving carrying “brown paper bags.”

Sounds terrifying.  The real crime was that this syndicate was getting rich, and that Uncle Sam wasn’t getting a cut.

You are looking at the future right here, and if you want to live it for a bit, take a trip to California, whose floundering economy has one bright spot: cannabis–it’s number one cash crop.  And California is an agricultural state, after all, which should speak volumes about the way cannabis is received there, and how vital it is to people for medical reasons and for their livelihoods.  Yesterday, at Berkeley in Northern California, one of the nation’s finest universities, the students mobilized in support of national 4/20 day.  Check out the following article on the assemblage:


Notice how the article says that the university anticipated no unusual behavior with the rally, and had not planned to do anything special to limit cutting or smoking on campus.  But how could Berkeley of all places, subject themselves to all the potential lawlessness, and spawn a generation of smack addicts?  Heroin addicts usually can’t muster up that kind of tuition money, and their progeny would be less likely to produce Berkeley stock offspring–if they were using hard drugs rather smoking a little marijuana.


Check out the link above, an article about a rally in Boston where 30,000 had gathered.

And these folks in Colorado:

How about this guy, and his mega blunt?

Notice he has even got the 4:20 t-shirt, specific to the Boulder rallies.  I don’t think McCain-Palin were that organized, but McCain did have his wife’s fake philanthropic organization that was a cover so that doctors could write her endless painkiller scripts to deal with, while Governor Palin was staring down Russian neukes from Alaska while her teenage daughter was off making babies.


I love the the above articles’ title, “Opiate for the Mrs.”  It’s a good read on Cindy McCain too.  And for comedy relief, try to take a look at this one:


Oh that Palin…she’ll be good for a laugh for a while to come.  But the cannabis movement?  It’s serious, and it’s the will of the people, despite some ragged poll.  Just look at the masses who rallied yesterday.  As Method Man rapped in Party Crasher:

Burn something.  One toke got me blasted.  Took another toke and I passed it.  Choke.  Fantastic.  Weed is no joke.  Especially that endo (indoor) smoke, mixed with hashish.

And somebody tell that guy with the huge blunt that, now, with modern technology he can go a lot easier on his lungs, and save money by cutting down on the amount of weed he smokes, while getting even higher.  Take a look at Mr. White’s vaporizer, the herbalaire 2.1, which has saved him so much weeed that he has excess to make brownies with.

It’s like our buddy [xxxx] says from Layer Cake, in his opening soliloquy:

Always remember that one day all this drug monkey business will be legal.

Indeed.  The people have spoken.

–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com)