Donovan Warren, the newest New York Jet.

Warren’s Godfather, and current Jets defensive line coach, Mark Carrier.

Donovan Warren, signed earlier by the New York Jets, should feel right at home in New York.  Former Chicago Bears safety, Mark Carrier, who had a good NFL career which spanned from 1990 to 2000 with Chicago, Detroit, and Washington, is the Jets new defensive line coach.  Carrier had spent the last 3 years as a defensive coach for the Baltimore Ravens, where he worked under Rex Ryan until Ryan left to become the head coach of the Jets.

Carrier should give Warren a leg up in making the Jets roster, and probably made the Jets a more attractive destination for the Michigan CB.  Warren comes from an amazing football pedigree in addition to Carrier.  Warren’s father played for New Mexico State, and his uncle, Chuckie Miller, was a defensive back who played for the Indianapolis Collts.

Miller was arrested in 2009 in Arizona for tressppassing during All-Star weekend.  Apparently he was handing out flyers for a gym he owns in Southern California.

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