I’m gonna do it the simple way.  I am going to post pictures of various Blue Dolphins that have been put out that are adulterated.  Now maybe one day I will also dig up the dance safe pill logs, and show you how Blue Dolphins makers were at the same game 5-7 years ago.  I didn’t know whether to call this “the constantly cut pill or the consistently cut pill.”  But I went with constantly because these pills are out somewhere in the country like every single week.  I find it extremely distressing that they keep making the same bad pill, and shameful on our parts, that we let them by coming back.  This is a bad pill getting away on name recognition.  How ironic.  View all of the Blue Dolphins I found that are adulterated to some degree.

All well within the last two years, and you have to remember, it’s not like everyone is taking pictures of their shit and sending it in to pillreports.  This is a lot of pills.  If you took all the pills within the last 18 months or so, I am sure that you’d see more Blue Dolphin entries and pictures, by far, over any other pill.  There’s been a snowball effect, and a lot of people have put out bad dolphins, leading to more and more.  It makes a mockery of us.  Years ago, there seemed to be more repeat makers, and they did sometimes put up to 66.6% MDA in their pills, which were about 270 mgs–a good size.  But they were still all adulterated.  Today you will find some pure dolphins, and then many more adulterated dolphins, but we now have even shittier ingredients, like piperazine.  As you guys can see, I like to take re-curring pills, and follow them.  So I guess that means you will be reading a lot more about Blue Dolphins, the most notorious name brand in ecstasy.

Be Safe,

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