George Alan Rekers (above) at Miami International Airport, with Lucien, a male escort.  But don’t worry.  The anti-gay Christian right leader may have hired Lucien off of, but he isn’t gay or anything, but apparently, his boyfriend might be.

The prostitute, nicknamed “Lucien” by the paper, was available for hire on the gay-escort site — home of such other celebrity boyfriends/escorts as Jason Preston, former lover of designer Marc Jacobs. Rekers wouldn’t deny he found Lucien on that site, but he did say he’d only hired him to help while he was “recovering from surgery” — that’s why he took him on an all-expenses paid ten-day trip through Europe. After all, Rekers did co-found the group Focus on the Family, which has been the bane of gay-rights groups since its creation in 1983, and he also is an officer of the National Association for Research & Therapy of Homosexuality, a gay-cure group. Someone like that would NEVER actually hire a gay hooker, right?

So I guess they call it “recovering from surgery” these days.  Of course, Rekers is totally apalled by the media flap and is threatening to sue for slander.  I mean, can’t a red blooded American Christian anti-gay activist cruise for and hire a male escort for a 10 day European jaunt anymore?

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