Defensive rookie of the year, Texans Brian Cushing (above).

When we heard that Brian Cushing tested positive for steroids at the NFL Combine last year, we weren’t surprised.  In the year 2010, if you hear steroids linked to an athlete and you doubt it, you are generally the fool.  But the Combine Cushing steroids story got quashed somehow, and the NFL was more than happy to pretend that Cushing, pictured above carrying what looks like at least 270 lbs (so so natural), was the world’s most gifted drug free athlete.

 It usually happens this way when talking steroids. Whispers turn into rumors. Rumors into questions. Questions into a nagging linkage that is tough to shake.And so it goes for USC linebacker Brian Cushing here at the combine, this 6-foot-3, 243-pound workout warrior, this special talent who possesses an intricate dalliance with nutrition, supplements and weightlifting. All of it is an art perfected by Cushing, who is part of a quartet of USC linebackers here who have spent their college careers united as one but now seek to separate themselves in importance and in order.

We’d encourage you to listen to Cushing’s remarks on the video, so that you can see a young Roger Clemens type excuse maker in the making.  Tonight came the word that the NFL has suspended Cushing 4 games for violating the league’s PED policy.

Cushing, a dominant 4-3 linebacker, had 133 tackles last year, and as we said, was the defensive rookie of the year.  Supplements, nutrition, weight lifting…and a needle in the ass at regular intervals, and you too could be a rookie sensation in the NFL.

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