George Alan Rekers (above), with the male prostitute he hired on

George Rekers’ man whore from spoke today about Rekers’ sexuality, and a special male nude maassage that Rekers calls “the long stroke.”  This is not a joke, in the traditional sense.

The anti-gay crusader snared this week in a gay sex scandal is a homosexual who “liked being rubbed down there,” the escort at the center of the flap confirmed in a new interview.

During a recent vacation on which the escort accompanied George Alan Rekers, the Baptist minister paid for daily nude body rubs, the man identified as “Lucien” told the Miami New Times. He told the newspaper Rekers created a name for his preferred massage technique – “the long stroke,” a rubdown that involves complex below-the-belt touching.

Well, I for one am glad that Rekers has such a creative disposition–telling all these lies about his sexuality while he thinks up these super names for his gay sex acts.  How about you?  Ironic that now his career is over in a stroke.

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