Willie Nelson, above, lighting up a joint.  This month Willie told Howard Stern on Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Show on May 4th, 2010, that he no longer smokes joints.  Instead, Nelson uses a vaporizer to inhale cannabis vapors, a healthier way of ingesting cannabis.

I smoke occasionally.  I’ve switched over to the vaporizer….since I switched over to the vaporizer, the vaporizers are better for your lungs.  You don’t inhale any heat, you don’t inhale any smoke.  You only get the vapors.

The vaporizer is better for your lungs, sure.


Here is a picture of Mr. White’s vaporizer, the Herbalaire, 2.1

I am hoping that Mr. White can make an entry which specifically explains the device that saves marijuana, and more importantly, our lungs.  As for Willie…

Howard: Did you smoke any weed this morning?

Nelson: Yeah.

Howard: You already smoked today?

Nelson: I did.

Howard: What kind of schedule are you on with weed?

Nelson: I don’t have a schedule.

You go, Willie.

Be Smart,

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