Sex and the City 2 poster featuring Sarah Jessica Parker (above).

Howard Stern said this week on Sirius XM’s Howard Stern Show, that he was excited to go to the Sex and the City 2 premiere, but that they denied him a third ticket for his daughter, so he decided to skip the event.

Howard lamented that he was a true fan of the show, a Sarah Jessica Parker fan, and that his daughter was excited, thinking that she was going.

Was the strict 2 ticket policy that applied to Howard the fault of the movie though?  In hearing Howard’s comments on the subject, a few questions came to mind.  Why couldn’t he take his daughter and not his new wife, the former Beth O.? 

Why couldn’t Beth, famous in her own right, albeit due to Howard, request tickets for herself?  Is she not famous enough, after all, in the wake of her recent book about dogs?

Why couldn’t Beth and Howard’s daughter go without the king of all media?  Do they not get along?  Or is Howard’s ego too big to go to something that’s not on his own terms?

Don’t worry, Howard.  I mean, you are obviously ridiculously pussy whipped and all, but we’re pretty sure you didn’t miss anything.  It’s just too bad your daughter did.

Be worried about your inheritances,

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