Please tell Serena and Venus Williams that I think the world of them, but they have to look better in their appearance. I am a former model, former modeling school and modeling agency owner and former educator.

I am 73 years of age. When I go out, everyone tells me that I look like a million dollars. A sorority recently awarded me the “Best dressed” at a bruncheon.

Serena and Venus are representing Black women all over the world. Their appearance counts a lot. They can afford more than I can. They should start with their hair-do. They need a perm or should get a weave. Those wigs with all those hair pins will have to go!!! If I had their Email, I would not send this to you, because I consider it “personal.”

Please pass my Email along to them or send their Email to me. I hope they will take this as a positive criticism and not as a negative criticism.


You can contact Venus at and Serena at

–Crack (