Howard (above) at the mic.

This morning Howard Stern discussed his trip to Los Angeles on his Sirius XM radio program, calling Hollywood a “crazy town.”  He talked about going to dinner with good friend Jimmy Kimmel and his new girlfriend, Molly, and about tipping a pool attendant $20 just for giving him a towel at his hotel.  Kimmel and comedianne Sarah Silverman, one of our favorite funny ladies, were once a couple.

 On Friday night, the couples went out to dinner at a Hollywood hot spot, and were stalked by paparrazzi, who Howard said, he had trouble getting away from the entire weekend.  His solution?

“I stayed in my room 90% of the time and played chess on my computer.  It feels like I’m at home that way.”  No place like New York, I guess.  You hear that, Lebron?

Be leaving Cleveland,

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