Lebron’s mom (above).

Her supposed lover, Delonte West.

If numerous media reports are true, then Lebron James found out before game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semi-finals that teammate Delonte West was in a sexual relationship with James’ mother, Gloria.

Basketball Hall of Famer Calvin Murphy took to the airwaves Wednesday night and became the most high-profile person to date to back the rumors. “It ain’t no rumor,” he told a Houston ESPN Radio station, calling the claims “absolutely true” and “absolutely horrifying.” He went on:

“Unfortunately, my sources in the NBA tell me that it’s absolutely true. My sources, and they’re legit, tell me that the only people that didn’t know it was happening was LeBron and me.”


Could this possibly be true?  I know Calvin Murphy is not the most stable source, but this rumor just isn’t going away.  Here’s one measure of Kobe’s greatness compared to James’.  Aint no Lakers gonna be sexing Kobe’s mom.

Gloria?  You can have your pick of the players in New York if that’s going to be what it takes to bring your son here.  And the Nets are right across the tunnel.

–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com)