Greg Lemond (above).

Three time American Tour De France champion Greg Lemond, who has been a vocal opponent of Lance Armstrong, has come out in favor of Landis, saying he believes the cycler’s claims, though astoundingly, many in the cycling world have said that there is “zero evidence” against Armstrong, despite a compromised test result in 09, and the confirmed presence of EPO in Lance’s system from old tests.

“I believe most of Floyd Landis’ statements regarding the systemic corruption in professional cycling,” LeMond said in a statement he sent to the Daily News. “It is clear to me Floyd has paid a heavy price and I support Floyd in his attempt to free himself from his past. I hope that others – fans, riders and sponsors embrace this as an opportunity to bring about positive change in the sport.”

Though Lemond did not mention Armstrong, his history with the cyclist is chippy.  Lemond has sued Armstrong’s sponsors, and his lawyers subpoenad Armstrong’s ex wife, who refused to answer when on the witness stand.

Also deeply fraught is LeMond’s history with Armstrong. The two have feuded for years, particularly over the doping suspicions surrounding Armstrong, who has always denied using performance-enhancing drugs or methods. In early 2008, LeMond brought a breach-of-contract lawsuit against one of Armstrong’s primary sponsors, Trek Bicycling Corporation, finally settling on confidential terms in February.

In that lawsuit, LeMond subpoenaed Armstrong’s ex-wife, Kristin Armstrong, for a deposition in which she was asked if she ever saw her ex-husband use performance-enhancing drugs. She did not answer, on orders from her attorney, Tim Herman, who has represented Lance Armstrong as well.

Lemond, who is fighting hard to preserve the integrity of the sport, has been unfairly panned as someone with an axe to grind when it comes to Armstrong.  Of course he does.  Armstrong has cheated his way to an all time best position in the sport.

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