Orange and Blue Fleur dy Lis, as they should properly be referred to, but who some call Saints, and even worse, some call Adidas’, are suspected to contain the very dangerous, evel lethal chemical, paramethoxyamphetamine (PMA).  We have tracked PMA White Mercedes on this site, that turned up in Brooklyn, close to home, in March.  The links are below.

While the report, though untested, came to from lilraverboi, from San Francisco, we are putting out more of warning to the nation than just California, because we have seen these pills up close and now someone who had a bad trip on the Blue Fleur dy Lis, and it is a fact that these pills have been going around New York.

We urge you all to read the information on PMA in the links, to take note of the color chart provided, and to read lilraverboi’s report.

Date Submitted: June 2, 2010, 6:44 am GMT
Last Updated: June 2, 2010, 10:40 am GMT
Submitted By: lilraverboi
Name: Fleur de Lis / Saints
State/Province: CA – San Francisco
Logo: Fleur de Lis / Saints
Colour: Orange / Blue
Shape: round
Texture: chalky
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: chalky and loosely pressed and crumbled easily. bitter taste but slightly abnormal
Suspected Contents: Unknown
Rating: Adulterated
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: WARNING– this pill is NOT MDMA!My friend got these pills this last weekend and had a really awful experience with it, so I want to share it with others so it doesn’t happen to anyone else. Based on the reaction my friends who took it had, I suspect it was PMA, but I can’t be sure without a test.Basically she experienced:
a slight feeling that she at first thought was a mild roll, followed by extreme hot and cold flashes, nausea, extreme anxiety, irritability, disorientation, vomiting, slowed perception of time, dizziness. She did not feel good at all and we left the party before midnight because she felt so sick.. then she was up until 5 am throwing up and shivering in bed.As a side note, I heard on the news that at least one person died at this event and as of yet they have not determined if the cause of death was tainted drugs.

She got them in two colors– blue and orange, I will post identical reports for both.

Please be careful!!

**Mod Edit**

Since this isnt really a user report and more a warning about adulterated pills, I will attach the guide on how to use a test kit, what the colors mean and how you would test for certain chemicals.

Bearlove 🙂


We are very sorry for lilraverboi’s friend and hope they are okay.  Now would somebody please get us a test result on the Blue and Orange Fleur dy Lis?

Guess ‘Frisco isn’t a Pokeball town yet…

Be Careful,

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