Alison Brie and Peyton List, star Mad Men partner’s wives, are actors we have loved for their performances in the award winning drama.  List, as Jane Siegel, and then Jane Sterling, Roger Sterling’s wife, was in hot water at Sterling Cooper for going into Bertram Cooper’s (Robert Morse) office without permission to look at a piece of art he bought in Japan.  Joan (Christina Hendricks) even fired her, but she batted an eyelash at one of SC’s biggest pussy hounds, and went from collecting her things and putting them in a crate to Roger’s wife, a position of royalty at Sterling Cooper and Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce.  Brie has always impressed us as Trudy Campbell, the demure Emily Post type, married to Peter Campbell (Vincent Kartheiser), a partner in the newly formed SCDP.  She earned extra points for doing a great Charleston in “My Old Kentucky Home”, one of the finest episodes of the show to date, because of the diversity and range so many in the cast displayed.

A very memorable moment came for her character when Trudy and Peter were fighting about whether an adopted baby from China was worthy of the Dykeman Campbell name, a family that traced its American roots way back to the Mayflower.  Campbell and his family believed it wasn’t the case, evoking a very harsh response from the uptight Campbell, who yells at the conclusion of the argument, “Hell’s Bells, Trudy.  Hells bells!”

While Brie has established herself as both an excellent dramatic and comedic actor, List hasn’t done so badly herself.  Both actresses have found prominent work on network television in the Mad Men off-season.  Brie as Annie, a star of NBC’s Community and List as Nicole Kirby, the innocent young student who like everyone else, was struggling to understand what her vision meant on Flashforward.  List was so goood in the role of Nicole Kirby that I didn’t even recognize her as the actress who also plays Sterling’s drunk socialite sexpot wife.  And she is the more experienced actor.  The 23 year old List’s career dates all the way back to the television show Sex and the City, which she appeared on in an episode in 2000.  The 26 year old Brie has a much more limited biography, but impressed us with her stay at the Royal Scottish Academy of Music and Drama  in Glasgow, Scotland, where Mad Men discovered her.

We’re willing to give them both the nod as great actors.  But what has really impressed us the most is how hot they are.  They are both red hot.  You don’t think so?  Take a look at the following picture show, and see if you don’t change your opinion.  And when it’s over, we’ll tell you who we like best, if we can.

List on the couch (above).

List in the bed (above), after Jane had wrote some dumb poetry after sexy time with Roger Sterling.

List’s Jane gives old Roger a blue eyed stare, and Roger is ready to hit skins and talk to divorce lawyers (above).

List (above), looking tough to beat.  (Your joke goes here)

That’s hot!

A big hand for Peyton!!!  Lit-tra-lly…

Brie shows off the twins–both sets.  Fake breasts?  We’re going to say…yes!

AB, too caj (above)?  Nah, we love a good jeans shot.

Did the photographer lick that couch after the shoot?  Farbeit from me to tell him his business, but…

Brie, does that sexy lip thing…

Reminder: buy strawberries.

Brie montaging…

Oh no she didn’t!



Well, maybe you should check the link above.  Brie wrote an essay for a book called Worst Laid Plans: When Bad Sex Happens to Good People, and discussed being easy, doing chicks, and her experience with orgies.

We really, really like List, but…

Hells Bells, Trudy! 

–Crack (