Various pictures of ecstasy adulterant and often substitute, Piperazines, which are legal in most countries. has posted a trip report on the piperazine problem in Europe, that serves as excellent information on piperazines and reinforces our need to stay away from it.  In Europe, where MDMA powder is more readily available, piperazine is an even bigger problem than here in the United States, where it continues to be the leading suspected ingredient when it comes to fake ecstasy.  Take a look at the legendary bearlove’s report:

Date Submitted: June 2, 2010, 4:33 am
Last Updated: June 2, 2010, 4:34 am
Submitted By: bearlove
Name: Fake MDMA
State/Province: All Over
Logo: N / A
Colour: Brown / White / Clear
Shape: Powder/Crystal/honeycombe/
Texture: Powder/Crystal/honeycombe/Fudge/Shards
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: We all know it comes in various forms, shapes, colour, texture but the effects are usually all the same – bunk!When your making your post – DONT FORGET to put the area you bought it from. (Not too specific but NW, Midlands, Scotland etc)Its for fake only though any report of clean MDMA will be deleted (sorry)

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I have also done a few reports on some legal highs being passed off as E/X – just type Fake in the search reports option. Test results on this stuff shows clear to light yellow reactions

Suspected Contents: Piperazine + Another
Rating: Adulterated
Warning: yes
Tested: yes
Mandelin Reagent: No Reaction
Marquis Reagent: No Reaction
Consumed: yes
User Report: Several different batches of this stuff have been consumed and the typical piperazine experience reported. Sickness,hot and cold flashes, no empathy, unable to sleep, paranoia etc.Please note that different batches of this stuff is giving different results to testing – still no MD../MD. results though :(Some of you may know that we lost our beneficiary a while ago and were struggling to match the costs for our server each month. If anyone can spare any money/donation then please click


I can get several test kits at almost half the price of eztest – if you want the information just let me know using the contact support function on the left or PM me on bluelight etc. Another good bit of news is are now doing pill testing for 40$ a pills, we may start a testing fund on bluelight so if your interested keep you eyes open.

I really can not stress enough about the problems that EZTEST are having with keeping up with orders etc – IF you order directly from them then expect to wait 6 weeks before they even allow you to report the kit as delayed. The supplier that were using in the UK normally has the kit delivered within 3 days – if they dont they have a telephone number so you can simply call them.

We’re grateful to bearlove for the great report on what is obviously a big problem for America as well.

Thank You,

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