Bethenny Frankel (above) with new husband, Jason Hoppy.

On the eve of Bethenny Frankel’s new “reality” show, Bethenny Getting Married?, the Real Housewives of New York City star revealed that she’s been married.  Twice.

Bethenny Frankel may be a first time mom, but she’s not a first time bride.

The “Real Housewives of New York” star, who wed Jason Hoppy earlier this year, reveals to Life & Style that her recent walk down the aisle wasn’t her first.

Frankel’s first experience with marriage was in 1996, when she wed her former best friend, Peter Sussman.

“We were best friends for five years, and he always wanted to be more,” the natural-foods chef tells the mag.

No one likes Bethenny more than me, when we compare her to the other “real” housewives of New York and New Jersey, but this news about the straight forward Bethenny strikes us as highly hypocritical.  If we are going to slam Teresa Giudice’s sham bankruptcy, and we are, then we must also slam Frankel.  On RHNYC this season, we saw Bethenny come to grips with her estranged father’s death in Los Angeles, and now, upon hearing she was married in LA in 1996, and thinking back on how little we know of Bethenny’s past through the show and how she seemed to be building a career up from nowhere at 35, we know why.

She had this whole other life in California, Ms. New York Housewife, that nobody in the audience knew of.  When does she reveal it?  When the news is about to hit, and she’s gotta come clean for the sake of her new show.

So gross.  What a pig.  ‘I was too young, blah, blah, blah…’  Yesterday she’s a liar and today she’s a ‘get married when it’s right’ advocate?  That’s great.

Frankel can win my affections back and her place as my favorite housewife if she comes clean about the rest of her secret life in California.  Does she have to?  Pretty much.  These housewives think they are private people, and yet I have news sites that update my email on their every move.  I will find out what I want to know, one way or another.

Is anybody even remotely honest?  Bethenny’s Getting Married?  Shocker.  Great work, Andy Cohen.

–Crack (