The very thorough ganjen, as the array of tests above will surely attest, concluded that these Red Snoopy Heads, that seem to be cut to the shape of the cartoon character’s head, are probably piperazines and are definitely adulterated.  ganjen also echoed our sentiment in her being skeptical of most “cutouts”, as are we, though we’ve got to say we have seen some interesting Stars and Star Fish of late, who at the very least is making us think good things about stars, if not Bart Simpsons or Transformers.

ganjen thinks the Snoopies are piperazines, and we would agree.  Once again thank you to ganjen for getiing out important information.  Let’s look at her submission to

Date Submitted: June 12, 2010, 6:01 pm GMT
Submitted By: ganjen
Name: Snoopy
State/Province: DETROIT MI
Logo: snoopy head
Colour: orange
Shape: cutout snoopy head
Texture: waxy, firm but easily crumbles.
Edges: waxy
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 2 votes)
Description: **MODS Can you please crop in this pic of the snoopies with these test results? Thanks again! **

Mecke- Orange-> light Red (trace Purple) Almost no reaction really.

Marquis- Orange-> Red (trace spotty Purple)

Mandelin- Yellow-> Green, trace Purple

Simons- Blue-> Dark Purple (slight fizzing)

Robadope- No reaction.

Based on the test results (as most cutouts are known for and expected) these are Piperazine with trace, trace amounts of mdxx qualities to barely show up on the test.I think that defeats the whole purpose of putting it in to fool the kit. Possibly some amphetamine in here.

Simons was extremely Dark purple and fast reacting for how trace mdxx there was. I suspect that means, a high piperazine concentration. (BZP, TMFPP, Amp)

ganjen is definitely our type of girl.  And she’s got her hands in the mix to where she can give us a slew of tests in one day.  Standing O over here.  Please keep it going, g.

Be Smart,

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