Purple Star Fish (above).

According to dagoose6, Purple Star Fish have made their way into West Virginia, and dagoose6 has given them high marks in a trip report submitted to www.pillreports.com.  Let’s have a look:

Date Submitted: June 15, 2010, 12:50 am GMT
Submitted By: dagoose6
Name: starfish
State/Province: wv
Logo: star
Colour: birght purple
Shape: star
Texture: very soft and crumbly
Edges: smooth
Report Quality Rating: no stars (0 stars, 1 vote)
Description: very crumbly and tasted like crap
Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: took around 10 at comedy club.within a half hour i could feel amazing waves coming across my body by 10:45 sweating like a made man couldnt sit still smashed by this point .very talkitive and everything seemed so sureal .my opinon very intese eye wobbles and slight jaw clenching on the come domn.next day felt fine






Even though these pills are getting rave reviews on the East Coast, there was also a bad Star Fish report from Connecticut, so don’t buy them blindly.

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