Are the Pink Lips above the same as the Pink Lips below?

Though the color seems off, it is our belief that these are the same Lips, one of the few pills out of Quebec that seems to be legit amid the rash of amphetamine pills plaguing the belle province.  We’ll chalk that discrepancy up to the cameras and lighting.  Let’s take a look at the submission to made by marquistadorous, in his first ever report:

Date Submitted: June 15, 2010, 7:41 am GMT
Submitted By: marquistadorous
Name: Pink Lips
State/Province: Colorado
Logo: Lips
Colour: Light Pink
Shape: lips or kiss cutout
Texture: nicely pressed, not very soft or crumbly
Edges: Beveled, shaped like a pair of lips or a kiss
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 2 votes)
Description: This is my first report, I’m excited. One thing to note, in the batch we got, just a couple didn’t taste like anything (no strong bitter chemically mdxx taste), and those may have been inactive. Not totally sure though, because a couple of my friends who ate the tasteless ones didn’t really feel anything, and another rolled balls from 1 or 2 tasteless ones. But most tasted like mdxx for sure. I’m just guessing we got a couple fake ones OR the mdma and the inactive chemicals were just mixed poorly. idk. Either way, probably not too important, nothing harmful in the batch that’s for sure. But for the 90% that were legit, they were LEGIT.

Background info: I roll once every couple months, for the last year, thought I maybe had a little tolerance from my previous experiences, but after taking these, I can see I definitely was just getting weak stuff previously.

Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: +0:00 – I drop 2, thinking at the time that wouldn’t be too much for me at all (I thought i had a tolerance because I haven’t rolled very hard since my first time. Also, I was under the impression that the 300mg of molly i did last time, had to be stronger than just 2 pills. Boy was I wrong.)

+0:20 – I notice it’s starting to affect me. I’m becoming much more talkative, feel a little too happy for it not to be doing anything. Plus my teeth are starting to grind.

+0:25 to +0:35 – Wow. I’m coming up. Very fast and very hard. Surprised because usually it takes like 45 minutes for me to start to roll once i drop. I start to get anxious because it’s too strong (I’m prone to anxiety and panic attacks). My girl has to take me outside of the main stage and help me calm down. She makes me go pee so I can get some out of my system, and peeing was fairly difficult to get started. I’m talking ridiulously fast and feeling a bit dizzy. My heart is pounding and it’s impossible for me to relax. Also freakin out thinking i was dehydrated cause my mouth was dry so i was sucking down water. Basically the comeup is too intense for me to enjoy.

+0:40 – finally done coming up, and this is the beginning of my perfect plateau. 1 word. Perfect. This is the instant I stopped coming up, and suddenly everything was absolutely perfect. I was rolling face.

+:40 to +3:00 – Rolling hard, talking to everyone about who knows what and loving everyone. Jaw is clenching like crazy (destroying my pacifier like usual), I’m overly excited to be livin life, lightshows look amazing, smoking cigs feels awesome (I normally don’t like smoking), and I can open up to everyone and tell all my friends and my girl how amazing they are and how much i love them lol. It’s like I’m rollin for the first time again. And all my friends are rollin just as hard (2 newbs took just 1, and my girl took 3 cause she has a tolerance)

+3:00 to +3:30 – Coming down, fairly quickly unfortunately. This short time frame was the worst part of the roll, just cause i didn’t feel really happy, and I was suddenly not talkative at all. Also felt tired during these 30 mins. Still rolling, but the euphoric part was over.

+3:30 to the next day – now i had come down pretty much completely, but now had a very nice happy calm afterglow. Nothing bad about this part on, except mildly sore jaw. No problem sleeping at all or feeling sick or anything. Definitely no adulterants in these.

So yeah, me and all of my friends had an amazing night, so amazing that we got our car stuck in the mud and cold rain for a couple hours after the rave, but we weren’t even upset about it. These pills are seriously just like the blue mickeys i took my first time rolling (I took 2, rolled way too hard, everything was basically the same).

1 thing I am confused about 1 thing though. I mean I took 300mg of molly a couple months ago and it wasn’t this strong. Now I understand why some people like pressies more than molly. But I thought pills now a days never have more than like 125mg of mdma in them tops. How come 2 pills was much stronger than a ton of molly? And it’s not like the molly was bad, I rolled very nicely off of it, it was just not nearly as strong and overwhelming.

Summary: These are strong, clean pills, can’t really get much better. Don’t need more than 1 if you don’t have a tolerance. Fast comeup and fast comedown, but a long, nice and steady perfect plateau in between. Won’t make you sick, no speed or piperazine. Normal mdma sideaffects of course like jaw clenching. Be sure to drink plenty of water too.

If true, we’re glad one of Quebec’s few non adulterated pills made it south of the border.

Be Careful,

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