Blue Fleur di Lys (above).

Orange Fleur di Lys (above).

Green Fleur di Lys (above).

Thanks to janeway420 who submitted the following to on the 3 Fleur di Lys above, which have now made their way into Arkansas, and which we suspect contain the lethal chemical PMA.

Date Submitted: June 19, 2010, 7:31 am GMT
Last Updated: June 19, 2010, 10:33 am GMT
Submitted By: janeway420
Name: saints
State/Province: arkansas
Logo: inpressed saints/fleur-de-lis
Colour: green, blue, orange
Shape: round
Texture: waxy but crumbly
Edges: smooth
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: trying to get a pic posted with mecke reactions but absolutely no mdxx in these what so ever
Suspected Contents: Unknown
Rating: Adulterated
Warning: yes
Tested: yes
Mecke Reagent: No Reaction
Consumed: yes
User Report: These are completely insane, read several reports with mixed opinions, but had to try myself. Don’t really have a timeline to go by but I don’t think it matters with these, consumed one blue, the lady an orange, 45 minutes later both felt nauseous, after puking the nausea went away. Then came the trip, the visuals are compared to none, pastel-like colors, walls breathing, tv appears as if someone pulled the center back, anyhow these are nuts, I’ve done combinations of all kinds of different psycadelics and the visuals off these are insane, almost feel out of body visuals but not quite as intense, couldn’t imagine what two would be like. Definately not a pill to mess around with, be careful guys, wish someone would get to the bottom of these before someone goes a lil too far, could easily happen with the long drawn out come up, could easily be 5 deep before you knew what was fixin ta happen. Plur

We would again like to stress to North America that no one in the community picks up Fleur di Lys, in any color, as we have also seen reports of red and peach ones as well, ranging from New York, to California, to Canada, and recently, to Utah and now Arkansas.

We’d like to remind people that in some parts these pills are called Saints or Adidas’, and that PMA is also a big problem in Australia where it has caused many deaths in the club scene in the last few years.

Also, while the janeway420’s report seems complimentary, we need everyone to keep in mind that these pills are adulterated with perhaps the most dangerous adulterant used today in Ecstasy.

Be Careful,

Crack (