Pink, White, and Yellow Smiley Faces (above) are back, and they appear to be good hits in Forida.

Let’s look at vincentone’s long trip summary submitted to

Date Submitted: June 20, 2010, 4:07 am GMT
Submitted By: vincentone
Name: Pink/White/Yellow Smileys (Happy Face)
State/Province: (Florida) Fort Walton Beach/ Okaloosa Area
Logo: Happy Face
Colour: Pink White Yellow Red
Shape: Circular
Texture: Smooth, but would dissolve and be chalky
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Smelled like CANDYY. Cherry candy.
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx Low
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: Print is like these=
But pills are much longer length wise.
After a 4 day search in an old town, going through bad reports of multiple smileys (all I could find)
I end up buying (x quanity) of pills in which are worth 15 dollars more than My hometown pills, for way less assurance of rolling. Sadly, these happys where the only rolls I came across through 3 different sources, and finally ended up buying with the third.

Anyways, I finally end up buying these, and trying to compare them to reports of smileys, but barely any local ones. And with nothing close to the area, NONE of these pills were as BIG and “triple stacked as the dealer said” as these. Sadly, I don’t have access to my good pill taking camera out here, (or my Vincentone dollar for that matter). Never thought drugs in a town I’ve lived in for as long as I did would be so hard, aside from over 20 pain killer contacts and 3292349 weed. ANYWHHOOOO, Since I’ll be on the beach with this roll, and not inside for once, I wont be reporting till afterward, and estimating. Anywho, I’m on a 2 week vacation, been a month and a week since last roll, so I’m hoping to get screwed up without responsibilities anytime soon (Like I usually have when I roll). Hoping to roll hard, if these end up dxm like the rest. that sucks.

The Smell:
OH YEAH, the pills really have a kandi- like smell to them, although I’m QUITE sure they have some sort of drug content to them, since a long-time friend saw someone take these and was “rolling balls”.
Could of easily been tripping balls. So lets see what happens, wish me luck (even though you viewers wont see this till after the roll, and I wont read this till I do in my roll diary months from now)

The Taste: Kind of kandyish taste, but with a horrible chemical mix. (Not really the same as the normal bitter MDMA horirble, but a more kandy horirble taste) Dissolved under tounge for a little and taste cherry-candyish. Then tasted bitter and gross once dissolved. Possibly candy coated, because even though they were nicely pressed, the pills were kind of chalky. Has a familiar mediciney taste, and not really trusting them.

The pictures:
While trying to take pill reports pictures, we ended up having 5 cell phones which couldn’t see the smiley faces, a 30 dollar electronic camera from my girlfriends cheap shopaholic dad, and fuckin ended up trying to send pictures from my girlfriends phone to either my e-mail or my phone, so I could plug in and ready the upload. And while she was messing with that, I borrowed a family members 600 dollar camera and took high ass qualityy photos. While I was starting to take pictures, the camera died. Telling my family member, who works at these condos, she said that she’d bring it home and send the photos to me ( I told her that I was just taking pictures of the beach and oil spill, so there’s no way I could truly change my word at this point).
SHe doesn’t like anyone moving or toucing her pictures, so she wouldn’t let me use the card, nor was it compatible with my laptop. At the same time, I needed to delete the evidence of my usage. But the battery died, so there was nothing I could do. While I was trying to figure this out, my girlfriend ended up uploading the photos to an online photo album from her phone, because that’s the only way to send photos. Now the photos were stored on her dads online photo album, which at the time she couldn’t recover, or delete. Eventually she ended up using some sort of password recovery, and we had to venture behind my family members back to charge the camera and delete the pictures.
We still wanted to leave pictures for you guys, so we ended up taking pictures from her phone, of the pictures in which were on the high quality camera. Best we could do.

The Adventure:
Open area beach, can pretty much be as loud as I want (Can’t go into the beach beacause of the oil)

Friday June 18th: 11:55

2 pinks 1 a piece, off to the beach, back to report later.
Really hoping we scored here, because there’s happy faces everywhere.

Slow come up, really smooth conversations. Probably the least nautious, sick, or angsty I’ve EVER felt while rolling. Def actually. Very very clean come up.

1.11 Uh, after a while of talking and enjoying the dark beach, having long chats and expressing our feelings on the very light roll, walked back to pop 1 more each because the first 2 where just way not enough. Like, a comfortable mdma without any adultarant feeling,but just not enough mdma, and get something, don’t really remember. Had 2 more, hottub fun and wierc coughing sickness probably from hottub fumes. Someone was on our lawn beach chair, and we shooed him off. HIs friends ditched him I guess.

Fun on the beach and shit, but not much of a roll. barely any jaw clenching till after.
Barely any ampy feeling, just a few feelings of discomfort and not knowing what we want to do, lots of conversations though.

4.41 back inside after a while (maybe an hour or a half)of chilling with rolling feeling gone. Started really wanting to go inside, etc.
girlfriend feels panicky and shakey, heart feels like its beating harder than usual (throbbing feeling in stomach). lights/shadows mildly tripping her out. Roll was very calm, serene, except for many uncomfortable moments of not knowing what we wanted to do. Best and most comfortable come-up of my life, but came iAnto a roll without much power. I’d definately rate these MDxx low. Def not worth the 20 per pill, but I guess this is FL, and opposite of CA.

next day feelings: Calm and serene. Had troubles sleeping last night aside from taking some calm-u-nats and finally getting to sleep. A miniscule amount of jaw clenching last night. The body high was quite short last night, and the mentalitly high was a little harder, but much more prolonged. Soft feelings most of the time, one point when lights were pretty nice (Since we broke 2 glowsticks beautifully on the beach)
Hunger returned around 2 or 3 amish, and left/ came back a bunch more. Ate a whole hungry man in the morning, nothing tasted as good as usual, but my stomach is happy with me now. Feeling very not-cracked out, but also quite weak. Might need more sleep too.

We’re sorry vincentone paid so much, but we’re glad he wrote so much.  Entertaining report, vo!

Be Careful,

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