Blue Dolphins and Red Macs (above).

Without any test results on these Blue Dolphins, which we consider to be an infamous brand in Ecstasy and the brand that has proven over time to be the most frequently adulterated, and for the longest time, comes an interesting trip report, submitted earlier to by zaggy.

Here’s zaggy’s trip report:

Date Submitted: June 27, 2010, 7:21 pm GMT
Last Updated: June 27, 2010, 7:44 pm GMT
Submitted By: zaggy
Name: Blue Dolphins / Red Apples
State/Province: Bay Area, California
Logo: Dolphin, Macintosh Apple
Colour: Blue, red
Shape: Circular
Texture: Firm, slightly chalky
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: These pills have been subject to confusion. From what I’ve heard there are many identical presses containing Piperazine.

I can assure you, that these are nothing of the like.

Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: ~* I parachuted the Blue Dolphin at around 8pm, the fucker kicked within 20 minutes! Whaaaat?! Haha. Good, clean, MDxx feelings, lovey dovey, entactogenic and all that. Was so fucked up I decided to smoke a bowl, which made me paranoid because my short term memory got fuckkkeddd. I forgot that the weed I have was fucking too strong to smoke a bowl to myself with how rarely I smoke. I forgot where I put the rest of my pills (which were Red Apples), put down the pipe and lighter to find them, then forgot where I put the pipe and lighter. Had to get my bro to help me. After some meditation, the weed feeling went away, and I was feeling nothing but a good clean roll, no amp, no pipers.

*~Of course, being an idiot and not acknowledging the fact that it had only been 45 minutes and I was already up in the clouds, I decided to rail a Red Apple. First time ever railing a pill. It was probably because I was already really high, but I didn’t feel any pain at all.

This pill definitely boosted my roll, but when it peaked, from my friend’s descriptions it seemed like MDA. No bad piper feelings, nor did it seem like amp at all, but really wanted keep moving, and I was getting tons of open eye visuals. Overall there was some jaw clenching, but it wasn’t extreme.

We got out, had those priceless nights out rolling, met some people, saw a beautiful view, and went home and crashed.

I fell asleep perfectly fine, woke up today just feeling a bit sluggish. No negative feelings, not feeling like shit.

I rate the Blue Dolphin an 8/10,
and I’m not sure about the Red Apple. If you like rolling and tripping a bit, go for it.

Oh, and overall, I think I took too much E. If you have no tolerance, just take one, I feel like I got way too E-Tarded that night.

Oh, zaggy!  Not to be too critical, but you parachuted it?  You can’t smoke one whole bowl yourself?  And you saw a beautiful view?  This is some report.  In all seriousness, in looking back at a Blue Dolphin photo that had turned purple on the Marquis Reagent test, indicating the presence of MDEA, we think zaggy might have taken one from that batch, as the pills at the top look very much like the pill below.

One thing zaggy has down.  He knows what color red is.  There is no confusing that those Macs are red, the way so many call peach or pink hits red mistakenly.  but zaggy?  We do call them Macs, not Apples.  Still, thanks for the great report!

Be Scientific,

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