Round Orange Paul Frank Monkeys (above).

Round Orange Paul Frank Monkeys may have made their way from the sunshine state to the midwest, and according to t3chyo’s submission to, these bombs are the real thing, wherever they are from.

The above links regard Paul Frank Monkeys that look exactly like the ones that popped up in Minnesota, and the top link, courtesy of our new friend kaspk, includes a youtube video of his Mecke Reagent test on these pills.

Here’s t3chyo’s trip report, on what he calls perhaps the best pills he’s ever tried:

Date Submitted: June 27, 2010, 2:52 am GMT
Last Updated: June 27, 2010, 6:31 am GMT
Submitted By: t3chyo
Name: Paul Frank Monkey
State/Province: Minnesota
Logo: Monkey
Colour: Orange
Shape: Round
Texture: Hard, dry, somewhat shiny on bottom.
Edges: beveled top with a domed bottom
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: ::SEE IMAGE::
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: Sorry I’m not going to run through a time frame of event’s. I will give you enough info to give you the right idea of what these are all about.

I was on an 8 month break and the last time I rolled there was a 3 month break as well. So I’ve rolled once in almost a year.

I end up taking just one to see what happens.

The come up took about average time, around 45-60min. The pills are very hard so will have something to do with that.

The come up was very smooth and very natural feeling. I kept telling a friend how natural the high was.

These are VERY clean pills. Possibly the cleanest pills I’ve ever done. I read a comment about someone else saying it is like dropping molly. Even tho I’ve never taken molly I’d bet it is the same. Such a smooth natural feeling high.

Some friends ending up puking because they were too strong for them. They were girls so they usually have a weaker stomach to take stronger pills in.

Once the pills fully hit it was just a nice smooth, intense, chill, relaxed, and natural feeling high. This is ECSTASY. This is what it should be. You get the eye wiggles and slight jaw chattering. All what you want from a true roll.

I chilled most of the night. Saw some light shows but ended up chilling more. You get into music really well. The music just flows through your body opening new doors in your mind with love.

These pills just put you in a very nice mellow trance where it feels great to be alive. You might end up falling in love with these monkeys :).

Whoever made these definitely want people to love. Nice to know there’s people out there like that.

I only wish all pills were up to this quality. BUT that will never happen. To whomever made these, thank you! Keep it up.

I ended up taking two throughout the night. The second one brought me back to the magic. Two of these pills with that long break lasted little about 4-5 hours at least from what I can remember. After that it mellowed down but was still nice. I ended up being tired after the roll was over(sign of a very clean pill). Ended up going to sleep and feeling good the next day. Eating was easy. These pills also give you a very nice after glow where your mind just ponders how lovely life is. 🙂

On a strict scale and for what’s in the US and also that we know pills with around 130-170mg of mdma wont be made here. I’d give these a 9/10.

Highly Recommended.

Remember, always in moderation

Love others, but remember to love yourself. 🙂

High praise indeed.  I’d be looking to pick these up in Minnesota or Miami.

Be Scientific,

Crack (