White Cupid Pokeballs (above).

In researching Purple Cupid Pokeballs which have just popped up in San Francisco, we came across the following report from moonluver123 in Texas on White Cupid Pokeballs, and we’d be remiss if we didn’t share this information with you, even though it is almost 2 months old (our bad!).



Let’s take a look at moonluver’s detailed trip report:

Date Submitted: May 11, 2010, 2:30 am GMT
Last Updated: May 11, 2010, 5:53 am GMT
Submitted By: moonluver123
Name: White Cupids/pokeballs
State/Province: DFW, TX
Logo: Cupid (figure drawing back arrow facing right)
Colour: Off white
Shape: round, domed on both sides
Height: 5 mm
Width: 7 mm
Texture: Chalky, break easily
Edges: rounded, very faded stamp as well, not clear!
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: You can BARELY see the stamp on these, very faded, almost impossible to see it. but this picture is of the exact same batch of tabs that I had.
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: *Stolen picture, but this is the exact same batch as the one i had, and i didnt have time to take a picture before consuming.These pills are Triple Stacked Pokeballs, I’ll start by saying that this roll was just as good if not better then my very first time. LOVE THESE.

7:30-My 2 friends and I both drop 1 white cupid with some water, our other friend drops a Red Olympic because its only double stacked and it was her first time

7:40-Get euporic feelings that last about 15-30 minutes before i actually start rolling.

7:50-I want to start getting up and moving around, i always have my roll kick in before my other friends, and i can feel it starting to work, i go check my eyes, and surprisingly they arnt big quite yet, but i disregaurd and go grab some glow sticks and start raving it up with my friends while we wait for our rolls to peak

8:10-I PEAK. Holy shit the peak was ridiculous on these, best peak ever, it wasnt unbearable, it was 100% enjoyable. My eyes are huge now, I grab permanant glow paint and start THROWING it everyone, on me, my friends, my walls, and just cover everything because i was craving the glow effect like crazy. I felt absolute love for everyone around me, hugs for everyone. but the most incredible side effect was being TOUCHED. Being touched was the best most amazing feeling in the world right now. I asked my friends to touch me, let me touch them, and they did, they understand.

8:20: I start chewing and grinding my teeth, i have had a pacifier in this whole time, but when I have a good roll, pacifiers arnt good enough, i have to bite and chew on hands or arms (mine or my friends) they let me as long as I ask, but often i didnt! I just had the strongest urge to chew of fingers or just anything really. (I woke up with teeth marks in my arms and fingers)

9:00- Eye shakes! I wear contacts all the time, and most of the time, for some reason, they keep me from experiancing eye shakes, but this time, i got great, really legit eye shakes, and i loved it!! Tracers and visuals all night, my friends and I both described a white halo around all objects of light, it was different then visuals, and tracers we had experianced before, awesome to see something new!

9:45- for the past 45 minutes we were on the floor, rolling around, just enjoying our rolls, enjoying each other. we cant stop saying we love each other, we start having deep conversations

10:30-my pulse is going pretty fast, I’m ROLLING BALLZ, loving everything, cant sit still, im so overcome with hppiness, I’m pretty sure i started crying tears of joy at one point. body heat stayed good, we are all drinking water regularly like we are supposed to.

10:45-grinding becomes worse before i realized it, i chewed through a binki 😦 i hate that, i switched binkis and tried to control it

11:00 Had to drive one of my friends home, did just fine, I have the ability to turn off my roll when i need to, and thats just what i did. Drove my friend home, and drove my other two friends back to my house to continue our roll.

12:00-We get home, i allow myself to continue my roll, more glow sticks, my hugs, secrets revealed, but i dont care, im with my best friends, we love each other so much!!!

1:00- one of my friends starts coming down, its a very gentle comedown, just gradual and nice and easy. eventually the rest of us come down a little as well.

I pulled an allnighter with one of my friends, the other slept after around 2 until 6:30 surprisingly. my friend who stayed up with me the whole night woke him up at 6:30 by accident, and suddenly, our roll comes back and we start rolling again all over! My eyes are still big and we are totally enjoying ourselves. When we both came down, the backend was very minimal, not very bad at all. However, my friend and I went about 48+ hours without food, we didnt mean to, but we did. We both just never got hungry. Wasn’t much of a problem for either of us though. we were fine.

These are great pills, I love them! The only thing i would say is watch your water intake, because these caused the WORST cotton mouth in the world, be careful and drink your water. Also keep your pacifier in, grinding is a little worse then what you conciously realize. Enjoy these pills everyone!

Though old news, it’s still big news to us, as we have Texas to add to the list of states where there have been confirmed Pokeball sightings.







We believe Pokeballs have also surfaced in Colorado.  More to come on that.

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