2010/06/28 at 8:38 am

I took a white pokeball at EDC & it was my first time rolling so I really feel the need to give first timers a heads up. Do not split them in half if it’s your first time! My boyfriend split his in half & 2 hours went by & he felt nothing. I took half of a green pokeball & 2 hours later I also felt nothing. SO we both took a whole white batman pokeball & holy shit….we both hit the floor in like 10 minutes. We both had panic attacks, his lasted 5 mins but mine lasted an hour. Coming up was so incredibly awful, I was screaming & crying “make it stop! it’s too much! make it stop!” I felt like my legs were giving out/ i was gonna throw up/ everything was too intense. The nautious feeling does go away but you have to sit down & breathe through it. After the panic attack, I was on the ground for 2 hours bc getting up/ the music was way too intense. I do not remember anything from those 2 hours. After those 2 hours, I finally peaked & damn it was amazing. I have never felt so good before. I was definitely the most f*d up person around us haha and i think i was probably annoying people but to me, it seemed like everyone was my best friend. Had a good roll for about 2 hours & then I started to have the after glow. Come down was not fun but not terrible. Didn’t sleep that night or eat the next day but i didnt throw up or anything. This pill is def for experienced users but if ur a newbie & you really wanna try these, only take one! and just take a whole bc if u split it in half you wont feel anything. Oh yah & be patient because they take a while to hit!!

Our thanks to Lauren for sharing her Pokeball experience! 





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