Clocks (above).

Two new speed pills have hit Quebec–the one pictured above, and another, without a pic that is linked below.

Here’s our “friend” spedfaster’s report on those Clocks:

Date Submitted: July 3, 2010, 7:27 pm GMT
Submitted By: spedfaster
Name: Clocks?
State/Province: Montreal, Quebec`
Logo: Roman clock
Colour: White
Shape: Circular
Texture: Smooth
Edges: Rounded
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Very nicely pressed pills, solid.

Domed on the back.

Suspected Contents: Amphetamine
Rating: Adulterated
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: Fucking amazing speed pills, speeders you will wanna try these!

They are like a speed pill should be, speedy and potent!

Enjoy… be safe.

Please stay away from these pills as they are adulterated.  To read more on Quebec’s speed plague, follow the links below:

Be Scientific,

Crack (