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Jun 10, 2010 Jun 05, 2010 Bellingham, WA 293 mg, 8.4 x 6.0 EcstasyData

Thanks to kilowatt’s submission earlier to www.pillreports.com, we know that Green Fleur di Lys, which www.ecstasydata.org conclusively found to contain trifluoromethylphenylpiperazine (TFMPP) and benzylpiperazine (BZP), have turned up in Arizona.

Here’s kilowatt’s report:

Date Submitted: July 3, 2010, 9:00 pm GMT
Submitted By: kilowatt
Name: Green Saints/Fluer De Lis
State/Province: Arizona 480
Logo: Fluer De Lis
Colour: Green
Shape: Round
Texture: Smooth, Solid, very hard to break
Edges: smooth
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: These pills are very solid and smooth, with little specks of dark green.
Suspected Contents: Piperazine + Another
Rating: Adulterated
Warning: yes
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
I popped one of these after I came down from a purple dolphin.
10PM- Popped on an emptyy stomach,and excited to roll 🙂

10:45PM- No comeup, starting to get disappointed. I feel totally sober.

11:15- Started to feel a comeup, but it was not at all the normal MDMA feeling. I felt dizzy and nauseous.

11:45- Seeing mild visuals, feel awkward. Irritated with everyone I was with, music did nothing for me.

12:00- Home, sitting in my front yard with a friend. Still feel awkward and abnormal. Very shaky, and no jaw clenching at all. When I close my eyes I see strong visuals, odd patterns with vivid colors.

2:00AM- Laid in bed, couldnt sleep. Walls were melting and when I close my eyes I get horrible images of scary clowns and monsters. BAD roll.

5:00AM- Finally manage to get some sleep.

Overall, stay the hell away from these pills. I heard pills with the same logo of a different color are just as bad. Be careful guys, and roll safe.

Read that last line very carefully.  It’s exactly what we’ve been saying about this brand.  Please do not pick up any pill with the Fleur di Lys stamp.









Be Safe,

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