Monta Ellis (above).

Even though the Knicks suck, and will not land the type of free agent that will turn around the team, I am going to write about a few rumors I have heard and read.  Tony Parker.  Rumor is, he may be headed to Miami, because the Heat have assets to give that the Knicks do not possess.  I don’t know that the Heat view him as integral, but Parker told the Spurs he’d go to New York or Miami, and it would make sense that he go to Miami and play next to Wade, we assume, if the Heat can only retain Wade and not land a marquis free agent. 

There have been rumors about Carlos Boozer wanting to go to Miami.  He lives in Florida, and he likes the Florida tax code.  Boozer is not a max player, so there could be room for Parker cap-wise, and if it came to pass, the Heat would have four very good players in Jermaine O’Neal, Boozer, Parker, and D-Wade. 

Enough about the Heat.  Tony Parker is not the only Spur looking to get to New York.  Former Net, Richard Jefferson, has expressed interested in playing for the Knicks.  For some reason, he didn’t work out well in San Antonio, but Jefferson is still a serviceable player.  In fact, I’d prefer him to the hot rumor of the night, that the Knicks and Lakers will offer G Mike Miller their mid level exception, which would be approximately $ 32 M/5 yr deal.  Supposedly, Miller hit it off with Mike D’antoni, and believes he can be a big scorer in D’antoni’s “speed-ball” offense.  Message to Mike Miller!  Go to the Lakers and knock down jumpers next to Kobe and Ron Artest.  Frankly, I also hope he chooses the Lakers because I’m not big on Mike Miller getting my mid level exception.

NYC product Rafer Alston has expressed an interest in coming to the Knicks.  Alston is an excellent point guard.  I will be very displeased if Alston is not a Knick, considering that point guard is a long standing need and one of, if not the, most important position on the team.  At this point, a best case scenario for the Knicks would be something like Stoudemire, the Monta Ellis for David Lee sign and trade that Chris Broussard of ESPN keeps talking about, Alston, and Miller or Jefferson.

Ellis, a proven scorer, has some excellent stats in his young career, and he seems like a “speed-ball” guy, coming from Golden State, which is probably speedball’s only other outpost in the NBA.

Career Season Averages
05-06 GSW 49 3 18.1 0.415 0.341 0.712 0.4 1.7 2.1 1.6 0.6 0.2 1.18 1.41 6.8
06-07 GSW 77 53 34.3 0.475 0.273 0.763 0.8 2.4 3.2 4.1 1.7 0.3 2.87 2.73 16.5
07-08 GSW 81 72 37.9 0.531 0.231 0.767 1.6 3.3 5.0 3.9 1.5 0.3 2.14 2.41 20.2
08-09 GSW 25 25 35.7 0.451 0.308 0.830 0.6 3.8 4.3 3.7 1.6 0.3 2.68 2.68 19.0
09-10 GSW 64 64 41.4 0.449 0.338 0.753 0.7 3.3 4.0 5.3 2.2 0.4 3.81 2.95 25.5
Career 296 217 34.2 0.476 0.309 0.764 0.9 2.8 3.8 3.9 1.6 0.3 2.57 2.47 18.1

25.5 points a game last year?  This guy is quick as lightning and gets to the rim at will.  It would have to be viewed as an upgrade over David Lee, headed to Golden State.  I’d still sign Alston, and he’d play next to Ellis so that Ellis doesn’t have to run the offense.  Of course, if Raymond Felton wants to come play for the Knikcs, he’d be a player that they’d have to acquire.  Felton is young, can run the point, and shoot the ball.  And he moves his feet on defense. 

Let’s go with the dream scenario right here.  Stoudemire, Ellis, Felton, and Jefferson or Miller.  You are adding them to Chandler, Gailinari, Toney Douglass, Curry, rookies Rautins and Fields, and perhaps some average big man.  The Knicks are reportedly interested in Brendan Haywood, but why would he leave Dallas for the Knicks?  I hope Haywood stays put because at this point, the Knicks need to be thinking center in next year’s draft, and I’d rather have a fresh face at a rookie level price than a guy like Haywood who will probably get $ 9-10 M/per.  Ellis has said he wants to play for the Knicks in the past, and Lee to the west makes sense.  Got my fingers crossed.

I think that kind of  team would be better to watch at least, and might be attractive to a Chris Paul or a Carmelo Anthony.  Maybe the Knicks get lucky on one of their 2nd round draft choices from this past draft, and they need to get lucky in the draft next year too.  If these things happen, the Knicks will have improved their roster considerably.

We’ll see.

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