Dwayne Wade (above).

Long time NY Post NBA columnist Peter Vecsey has an interesting theory on the Knicks’ chances to land Lebron James or Dwayne Wade.  Basically, he feels that if Lebron or Wade pick Chicago, that Bosh will follow suit with either, and that the player left out of the mix in Chicago would rather join Stoudemire and the Knicks’ band of misfits, than return to Cleveland or Miami, without a legitimate second option.

“If the Knicks indeed have gotten a commitment from Amar’e, the reasons for doing so may have less to do with their love of the player and more to do with a strategy for reeling in LeBron or Dwyane Wade,” underlines column contributor Daniel Wallach.

“I get the feeling that Chris Bosh will blindly follow LeBron or Wade. Assuming that happens, what does the other player do? If Bosh joins LeBron in Chicago, there’s no way Wade returns to Miami (no running mate other than Carlos Boozer or David Lee). So, he’ll join Amar’e in New York. The same thing may apply to LeBron; if Bosh joins Wade in Miami, that removes Chicago as an option for LeBron and he’ll likely have to choose between New York (a pairing with Amar’e) or return to Cleveland.

“So, smart play by Walsh, grabbing the low-hanging fruit [Amar’e]. … Does that explain why the Knicks jumped on Amar’e early?”


It’s a nice theory, but I’d have to disagree.  Vecsey initially discusses how the Knicks and Nets both probably insulted Lebron with marketing pitches when his entire inner circle of advisors have been prepping him along the same lines, and they are all Ohio based.  Vecsey called the Knicks/Nets’ approach akin to treating James as though he had just “fallen off a turnip truck.”

Frankly, his baby momma and his high school coach are in no position to advise Lebron beyond their own interests, which lie in Cleveland.  Cleveland is one big turnip truck compared to New York, Chicago, or Miami.  If James wants to be the top dog in Cleveland with Antawn Jamison riding shot gun, well, he’s been there and done that.  And Byron Scott is a worse coach than Mike Brown, with a lacking work ethic which has been exposed at all of his head coaching stops.

Since Scott just got to Cleveland, his job is a lot safer than say, Mike D’antoni’s. 

As far as Wade leaving Miami just because Miami doesn’t land Bosh, I don’t see that.  First off, Bosh is not a player with big endorsement deals.  He needs to get a max contract, and he needs most a sign and trade, because Toronto can offer him an extra year at $ 30 M that no one else can.  Toronto has said that they are not willing to entertain a sign and trade, probably because they are upset with Bosh’s public stance, and the appearance that Bosh, James, and Wade have colluded to orchestrate and control this year’s free agent market.

Wherever Chris Bosh heads next, he’ll likely have to do so on his own — and at a slightly discounted rate.

 The Toronto Raptors have become increasingly disenchanted with the idea of helping Bosh obtain a maximum contract via a sign-and-trade deal, according to a league source.

 Because of the higher annual raises and additional year a “home” team can offer its own player, Bosh could make $125.5 million over six years if he re-signed with the Raptors and they moved him elsewhere; he could make $96.1 million over five years by signing outright with another team.

 The difference in the first five years of the deal would amount to $4 million.

Sign-and-trades allow for players to obtain the most money while their old team benefits by at least getting some assets in return.

 The right combination of players, manageable contracts, draft picks and a trade exception could have enticed the Raptors to accommodate Bosh.

The Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, San Antonio Spurs, Cleveland Cavaliers and New York Knicks are believed to have submitted trade proposals for Bosh to the Raptors, and apparently none has impressed Toronto.


So Bosh is going to pass up $ 130 M for a $ 75-96 M deal?  Maybe for the 96 M, but Joe Johnson had similar opportunities, and opted against leaving Atlanta and the extra $ 3o M.  Supposedly the Heat lobbied Bosh on a $ 75 M deal, and that didn’t go over with Bosh, the new king of Twitter.  That deal was to be predicated on Wade and James also taking $ 75 M deals from a delusional Pat Riley.

Whether Bosh takes a 5 yr deal from a new team or a 6 yr deal from his old team, he will be taking a max contract only.  With Wade seeming to love his hometown team, the Bulls, and their pitch for his services, that could open up a max slot in Miami for Bosh, who has always stated a preference to play for a warm weather city, but despite his myriad of stupid tweets, the true and only real mandate he has is to get paid.

Does anyone see frugal Bulls owner Jerry Reinsdorf splurging on two max players, with must keep players Derek Rose and Joakim Noah also eventually requiring max contracts?

While I disagree with Vecsey and his ghost writers, it would be quite a coup if the Knicks luck into Dwayne Wade because James picked Chicago and Riley was unable to land Wade a running mate in Miami, or James left Cleveland for the same reason. 

But my hopes are nice and low, and I feel the Knicks best chance to get another major impact player is via trade at this point, despite the delusions and speculation of the New York media.  Wade and Bosh to Miami could easily work, with James going to Chicago, and the undeserving Knicks get nada.



–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com)