Pink/Orange/Red Dots (Mints) above.

Blue Bowling Balls (above) and Pinkish Dots or Mints (top), said to be from the same batch of pills by dan k in Wisconsin, is Ecstasy we feel is a domestic product, because of the crude stamp and speckled, foamy look.  Take a good look, as we are fairly certain that there is very little domestic Ecstasy despite this being the country where Ecstasy was popularized, because of the harsh laws regarding its production.  With domestic E, usually it is so difficult to obtain the necessary chemicals that a maker couldn’t put out more than 5 or 10,000 rolls at a time.  Another reason to look carefully upon these strange looking pills, obviously from the same maker, and which have received rave reviews from dan k in a recent trip report to

Here’s dan k’s most recent trip report on the Pinkish Dots or Mints:

Date Submitted: July 6, 2010, 5:58 pm GMT
Last Updated: July 6, 2010, 6:31 pm GMT
Submitted By: dan k
Name: dot (mints)
State/Province: Wisconsin
Logo: dot
Colour: pink/orange/red
Shape: round
Texture: brittle
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: single off centered dot
red, orange, and blue speckles

they weigh between 150mg and 210mg

most people say these are MDMA+MDA

Suspected Contents: MDxx
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: me and my friend split one and a half of these on the 4th of july at a party at my house…

we each popped a half as it got dark.
he ran to get beer(i drank 1 cup of wap that night). when he got back they where getting ready to set the fireworks off so we went inside to snort the rest of what we had.
the burn was pretty bad but we smoked a bong load right after and the burn was gone and i was feelin hella tingly by the time we where done… we walked back outside and it was sprinkeling so i went and sat down by the fire. the rain felt so amazing so i took my shoes off and ran my toes through the wet but warm grass.
pretty soon the fireworks started goin off and i was feeling amazing!
some of the fireworks left a 10-15 second tracer behind. after the fireworks where done the party moved into the garage cause drunk people cant appreciate some warm rain haha.. anyways i sat down at the table right next to the 15″ subwoofer and turned on some music i wanted to listen to. we played apples to apples for about an hour which was hilarious and a lot of fun cause everyone was wasted and i was just geekin.
i never got the WHOLY FUCK IM ROLLIN BALLS cause i didnt even take a whole one but damn i felt amazing all night.
anyways eventually i invited a lady from the party up to my room and proceeded to end the night right ;] i noticed more empathy and willingness to communicate from these than the blue bowling balls.

dan k was tripping face and balls on these, on less than 1 pill.  I’d jump on them, if I lived in Wisconsin, God forbid.  And God bless America!

Be Careful,

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