Blue Lacoste Pokeballs (above).

Blue Lacoste Pokeballs have arrived in Las Vegas, according to pillpirates pirate themed submission over the weekend to  Here’s pillpirates trip report:

Date Submitted: July 3, 2010, 7:39 am GMT
Last Updated: July 3, 2010, 10:22 am GMT
Submitted By: pillpirates
Name: Blue Lacoste/Pokeball
State/Province: NV
Logo: Lacoste/Pokeball
Colour: blue
Shape: round
Texture: soft
Report Quality Rating: (2.5 stars, 6 votes)
Description: well it’s blue and has a poke ball and a lacoste emblem … and its a party in your that people with $10 dollars are invited too
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: 12am the grand arrival of the much awaited pills followed by a prompted ingestion of 2 vessels through vector of tequila and whisky! in true pirate spirit!12:50 feeling the funk1:30 in full sail!! with high winds! through the vigorous yet soothing 7 stormy seas!

2:30 dropped again with the insight of heading to the casino floor with fellow pirates to plunder the blackjack tables of all their booty!! great success followed by great loss! and scurvy riden pirates mistake of hitting on a 40 year old!

3:15 argggg!!! tiss another down the hatch! another one!

4:00 bottoms down tha hatches! yet another one!

4:30 party on board the ss brain soup was in full swing!! we dropped more! followed by improvised ground aerobics

5:00 dropped again sustained by conversation of how awesome it was to get together and do this (not that we dont sail like this every weekend… but im just saying)

5:30 neighbors from room next door complained… true to our pirate spirit and lack of allegiance nor respect for the sober! so we continued sailing! and we dropped again! giving no respect to our friend who was competing in the world series of poker championship!

6:30 dropped again! and pondered on the so obvious suspicious activity of our illustrious dealer who decided to gallivant through the casino in a robe and black high socks accompanied by 2 concubines … and 1 fat chick (columbia: 2 chicks in one )

7:00 dropped half each and began a slow linger around a very dark room accompanied by already seeming repetitive music midst attachment to the floor

8:00 dropped half again.. Cold sweats, weird chest pains and mild hallucinations. dont worry they were awesome.. except for that feeling of some one behind me when i take a piss… not pirate like

8-9 a loss in self confidence gained us foresight to realize that the owners of the hotel room in which we forced to sleep in the couch … began waking up… but we didn’t care and stayed on the plank/floor even after owners left…

10 contemplation of re-dropping with the decongestion of the sober people from the room…. we firgured 4 was merely not enough for this cast of pirates!

11-12 escaped the hotel room in proper fear and loathing status for the shelter of the bat cave…

1pm we thought about dropping… and we would’ve but the mixed martial art roomate of our fellow pirate did not seem eager to entertain our conquest for house music! with this in light we decided to call it in for another night on the seas.. being the 4th of july! argg that a bee a fair rough yet much saught after sail!

2pm … slept for 10 minutes.. had a fierce stare down duel with my arch nemisis the cat from MMA dudes room… no joke he won this battle.. could not sleep from fear of cat attack… un pirate like .. i know now but I’m just being honest! at least this time i wasn’t spending 3 hours in the john trying to piss

spent remaining of the day creeping around like ninja in the dark and messing around in the neighborhood pool.. want to drop more but work tom!

in a nuttshell: arrggg dis here be a treasure of a roll! crash was not bad at all! avoided well by smooth transition to tequila intoxication… i would definitely recommend this pill! JUST WATCH OUT FOR THE CAT! hahah

arrgg cheers from your crew of life-taking! room breaking! 40 year old caressing! dont give a dam about noise complaining bath rob wielding pirates !! we will be back with a report on 4th of july sail!!! argg this should be an interesting one! especially if our friend wins 1.5M at the world series of poker championship… Probably wont live to tell you… but argg thus we walk the plank!

yours truly! your pillpirates!!!!

Vegas casinos in bathrobes.  Those were the days.  Thanks to pillpirates for the great trip report.  Check the links below for more on the storied Pokeball brand of Ecstasy.

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