Allan Houston (above), rumored to be heavily recruiting Lebron James (below), may be hosting the free agent prize at his Greenwich, Connecticut home this evening.

Could this be too good for Knicks’ fans to be true?  Several sources have reported, though unconfirmed, that former Pistons’ and Knicks’ great, and current Knick front office employee, Allan Houston, is entertaining Lebron James, who arrived in New York this evening, and that James may even be a guest at Houston’s sprawling Greenwich mansion this evening.

Should this be true, James to the Knicks is a slam dunk–another piece of speculation being rampantly reported by various internet sources this evening.

Jared just phoned into TMZ Live … and revealed that his top secret NBA sources have information directly from the Knicks … that LeBron has informed team officials that he will be joining the team.

Check out the audio and listen to the whole thing. LeBron is expected to make his “official” announcement tomorrow evening.

If Allan Houston has indeed been instrumental in bringing Lebron James to the Knicks, Houston, said to be the heir apparent to aging team president Donnie Walsh, deserves an immediate promotion.  Sources have said that Houston sold James on the Knicks as one of the classiest franchises in sport, despite recent woes.

It is believed that Houston discussed with James how supportive Knicks’ brass was with him when he suffered from debilitating knee and back injuries toward the end of his career, and how the Knicks allowed Houston to try out for the team after he had collected an enormous injury settlement at the time of his retirement–a very uncharacteristic move by an NBA ownership group.

Houston is said to be very close friends with Knicks primary owner Jim Dolan.  Should Houston really be instrumental in orchestrating James to New York–the coup of all coups–it would no doubt be an even bigger contribution the franchise than putting the Heat out of the playoffs with a last second shot in the 1999 playoffs, when the 8th seeded Knicks defeated the top seeded Heat, and made their last run to the NBA Finals.  Take a look at that shot at the video link below:

For more on this year’s banner NBA free agent class, and on the Knicks, check out the links below:

James will make his announcement Thursday at 9 PM EST, live on ESPN.

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