Pink Yankee (above).

Are the bombers back?  Pink Yankees, which we have learned were reported to in May from somewhere on Long Island, were posted on last night from somewhere in New York.  But then, the entry was mysteriously removed from pillreports, and 12 hours later, is yet to go back up.  This is an odd circumstance for a special pill, one that weighed out to a hefty 441 mgs, and that’s chemical composition is close to 100% MDMA.

Here’s the ecstasydata test results on the Pink Yankee:

1899 NY Yankee
  • MDMA
  • 1
May 05, 2010 Apr 15

It can be confusing reading the pill composition, bt what you need to know here was that on the Pink Yankee, their tests detected 1 part MDMA, and no parts anything else.  This pill is a steal of a bargain for it’s purity and huge size, and it would indeed be good news to heads if the Yanks were back.

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