Stephen Zalewski and former lover and RHONJ star Danielle Staub (above).

New Jersey man Stephen Zalewski, former paramour and more than 20 years the junior of soon to be 48 year old Real Housewives of New Jersey villain Danielle Staub, is suing Danielle over comments she made on the program to friends that she had no knowledge that Zalewski had videotaped her en flagrante.

Zalewski’s attorney says he’s in possession of text messages and emails that prove Danielle was in on the tape – not to mention the actual video itself, in which Staub talks and poses for the camera at every turn.

The lawyer says Staub’s “damage [the] reputation” of his client, which implies Stephen Zalewski has any kind of reputation. Adds the sex tape director himself:

“I have people come up to me in restaurants telling me I’m going to hell, I’m not a good person. I try to explain to people I didn’t do anything wrong. She would send me video texts of her playing with herself, I have nothing to do with that.”

This is funny for two reasons:

  1. Who the heck would recognize Stephen Zalewski in public?!?
  2. Even if someone did, why would this person spit such vitriol in his direction for a Danielle Staub sex tape?!?

In closing, Zalewski tells Radar Online: “Basically I want her to stop lying and ruining people’s lives, she’s really out of her mind, there’s something wrong with her. She plays the victim and says everyone is out to get her, but it’s really the other way around.”

Danielle, seemingly always in the midst of some controversy, and her castmates, can be followed by clicking on the links below:

Under New Jersey state law, it is illegal to videotape someone without their consent.

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