White DC Pokeballs (above).

Today comes more Pokeball news, and for the first time as far as we can tell, a Pokeball sighting in the state of Utah, according to trip report submitted earlier today to www.pillreports.com by rollin801.















Here’s rollin801’s trip report:

Date Submitted: July 21, 2010, 7:42 am GMT
Last Updated: July 21, 2010, 7:47 am GMT
Submitted By: rollin801
Name: White DC Pokeball
State/Province: Salt Lake City, Utah.
Logo: DC Shoe Logo
Colour: White
Shape: Cirular
Texture: Very Chalky due to large amount of pills in same b
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Pills were a typical pokeball. DC LOGO/Pokeball score.
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: Got these pills for the most epic event thus far in Utah. The mouse.(spelled it wrong on purpose, am I still violating event name rules?) Most epic roll since the Blue Telephones.
I’ve rolled a few too many times in the last weeks, however they were necessary. (July 7th being my birthday: Yellow Clover Pokes) (July 9th being a very big DJ in town: Blue Lacoste Poke) And this consumption being the 17th of July. Won’t be rolling again until mid september.

7:00-Arrive at event. Locals are killin it. Sober until roughly 10.

9:00-Drop 1 and a quarter(split a half with a friend). I regularly take amoxicillin with no interaction with the mdma(ive only popped once since being on the mox) and have read that both substances are broken down by the same liver enzyme. Therefore resulting in the enzyme being unable to break down the mdma, making a stromger/longer/more hallucogenic roll. I definitely agree with this, though it may be placebo. 2 other friends decided to drop 1 amoxicillin about an hour before the roll and we all agreed that it worked. As I stated above, I’ve rolled recently and the second roll was diminished. However this one was a complete full on roll. Closest thing I’ve had to my first ever roll.

10:00-I feel it enough to call it rolling, I owed a friend half a pill so we split 1.

(pill count 1 3/4 roughly)

10:45Smoke a joint. And instant peak! However it last about 5 mins, and we started to trip a little weird off the weed. Leave the crowd to get some air and within 10 we feel like a harcore peak again.

Longest peak I’ve ever had! I felt like I peaked the WHOLE TIME, which I think is credited to good timing and also the consumption of the amoxicillin. Usual peak, hardcore dancing. Took magnesium so not much clenching. No hard eye wiggles yet. Mostly intense rushes of orgasmic nature 😀

12:00- pop another
(pill count 2 3/4)
I timed my comedown for my first pill to be just before 1 so I wanted to keep the peak going by popping at 12. That’s my usual routine, and I usually come down around 12:45 for a brief 15 mins until my 12 oclock pill kicks around 1. But not this time, never came down.
About to watch thee most epic set of my life!
I never feel my pill kick, cuz I never initially came down from the first peak(which I think had to do with the amoxicillin)

12-00AM- 2 45 AM- Just rolling nuts the whole time.
Too blurry to recall.

3-15-Rave ends and I split another pill.
(pill count 3 1/4)
By this time, my eyes are out of control. mthe drive home was real intense from the back seat.
That little half had me rolling til about 8 when I finally passe out. I can blabber on about what I did in between, but I’d rather not waste your time and just tell you I rolled nuts the whole night.

Don’t know if it was just placebo, but those defintely seemed like the longest rolls I’ve had. My friend started with 1 pill and never came down til about 2(though he has a lower tolerance)

rollin801, you certainly don’t leave anything to chance!  Thanks for the important news about White DC Pokeballs which probably made their way to Utah from California with a ton of herb.  We’ve now seen reports on Pokeballs from Nevada, California, Texas, Hawaii, Arizona, Utah, and one east coast state–Florida.

Be Smart,

Crackbillionair (http://cracckbillionair.wordpress.com)