Former Manhattan and Seton Hall coach Bobby Gonzalez (above).

Bobby Gonzalez was in a Jersey court briefly today as an odd story about the man purse that Gonzalez allegedly stole from the Polo Store in an upscale New Jersey mall was reported by the New York Post.

Former Seton Hall basketball coach Bobby Gonzalez pleaded not guilty Wednesday to shoplifting a satchel at an upscale shopping mall last month.

Gonzalez spoke during the five-minute arraignment only to verify his address in Harrison, N.Y. His attorney, Anna Cominsky, entered the plea on his behalf. Neither commented after the proceeding.

Gonzalez is accused of taking a satchel worth about $1,400 from the Polo Ralph Lauren store in The Mall at Short Hills on June 29. Police said he removed the sensor device from the satchel and walked out of the store without paying for it.
According to a police report, the Polo store manager reported that the manager of a restaurant in the mall returned the satchel. The restaurant manager said someone had come into the eatery, left the satchel with the hostess and never returned.

Gonzalez faces criminal mischief and shoplifting charges; the shoplifting charge is punishable by up to five years in jail, according to the Essex County Prosecutor’s Office. Gonzalez surrendered to police in Millburn on July 5 and has not had to post bail.

Municipal Court Judge Amilkar Velez-Lopez scheduled Gonzalez’ next court appearance for Aug. 27.

Gonzalez left the “satchel” in a restaurant in the mall with a hostess?  Could he have mistakenly taken the bag and then felt embarrassed?  Could it have been a scatter brain moment from the coach, or is it something more sinister, like a neurological disease?

Or does Bobby Gonzalez just like to feel up and pocket pretty hand bags?

All immensely compelling.  We’ll keep an eye on it for you.

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