The extraordinary criminal past of Real Housweives of New Jersey villain, Danielle Staub (pictured above next to her mug shot and beneath, next to the book about her criminal activity), is rearing its ugly head. 

This week just keeps getting worse for “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Danielle Staub.

Less than a week after Staub’s sex tape co-star slammed her with a defamation lawsuit, the reality star’s sordid past has come back to haunt her.

Convicted felon Danny Aguilar called Staub on Sunday night demanding $100,000 that he says she still owes him for bailing her out of a drug deal gone bad back in the ’80s, reported

“My money got her out of trouble with these drug dealers,” Aguilar told Radar. “They wanted her dead and I didn’t want them to kill her. I paid for it.”

According to, Staub and Aguilar found themselves out around $24,000 in 1986 after an alleged cocaine deal went awry. The two reportedly kidnapped the man they blamed for the deal’s failure, Carmen Centolella, and placed calls to his father demanding $25,000 in ransom money.

Aguilar also considers Staub a snitch, and she did snitch–giving up her co-conspirators in exchange for probation, while Aguilar went to jail for fifteen years.  Still, his demands seem ridiculous, but continue to keep Staub in the spotlight, which she must welcome now that she is a “musician” and performed at Show on Monday night in New York City–where the standard for music is usually much higher, frankly.  Our friend Mike Negron has spun there many times, and he is one of the best tribal deejays in America.

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