The latest Pokeball to pop up in California, Green Smiley Face Pokeballs (above).

Green Smiley Face Pokeballs are new to the market, and are receiving rave reviews in California, according the trip report submitted to by biggie p.

Here’s biggie p’s report:

Date Submitted: July 22, 2010, 7:03 pm GMT
Submitted By: biggie p
Name: Green Smiley face pokeball
State/Province: California
Logo: Smiley face
Colour: Green
Shape: round
Texture: smooth but a bit chalky
Report Quality Rating: (2.5 stars, 2 votes)
Description: These pills are the first of its kind. new to the market i was told so im one of first people to try it..

Its my first report so i apologize in advance for any mistakes

Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: 8:00 i pop my pill and wash it down with a beer. i bit half and swallowed half.. pill was way bitter than most i ever tried.

8:30 i feel it coming up. feeling good. breeze outside feels great.

9:00 im still coming up. fidgeting with my hands. talking and moving around.

9:45 rolling hard. talking up a storm. no jaw clenching yet. just feel my legs a bit wobbly still fidgeting with my hands. loving life the music and anyone around me

10:15 im at the peak by this point. and im talking and talking.. get a light show and completely zone out and focus on the lights and only on them. lights looked super tripy. bit of jaw clenching but nothing i couldnt control..

11:00 rolling hard and its great.. feeling alot higher than ever before.. its amazing how much i wanted to dance but didnt want to look stupid in front of my homies. feeling absolutely great.. talking and having a great time with the homies.

12:00 still rolling hard but feel it coming down.. a minor jaw clench but not much at all. im pretty cold seeing as we were in the pool earlier so i wasnt sweating like most times… just fidgeting with my hands and shaking my legs but i think thats more because i was cold

1:00 coming down but damn is it coming down hella slow so im pretty happy with it. feeling the roll a little but no real side effects.. like jaw clenching sweating or anything just feeling great.

2:00 by this time i dont feel the roll anymore just kicking back and talking with the homies. feeling normal again

3:00 just chillen.. no more roll..

4:00 i go home and stop at jacks for a bite to eat and fall straight to sleep

I woke up this morning pretty early, didnt feel sore jaw doesnt hurt or sore.. just feeling really normal.. no depression like most pills..

By far these were the best pills i have ever had. I was rolling balls and feeling great with out the jaw clench. had lots of energy but not so much were i cant sit and relax and enjoy the roll.. i did want to get up and dance but didnt.. if you ever run into these pills, take it and save some for a big event by far my best roll ever… i think it took out the white angry bombs i took before.. and i only took one

by the way sorry if the picture isnt great i took it from my phone.. happy rolling

So Green Smiley Face Pokeballs have biggie p’s endorsement, I guess.  I’d like to see an composition breakdown on this pill, and I’d bet they are some part caffeine.  For more on the illustrious Pokeball brand of Ecstasy, follow the links below.

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