Pink 69s with red speckles (above).

A few weeks back we called your attention to some pills in Wisconsin, Blue Bowling Balls and Pink Dots or Mints, and made the claim to you based on their appearance and trip report that they were “basement Ecstasy.”

After examining rollinbiscuit’s test and trip report on Pink 69s, we wonder if we might be looking at some more basement Ecstasy, based on the crude imprint, foamy appearance, and excellent write-up by one of New York’s finest testers.

Here’s rollinbiscuit’s report made to yesterday:

Date Submitted: July 20, 2010, 1:10 am GMT
Last Updated: July 22, 2010, 4:06 pm GMT
Submitted By: rollinbiscuit
Name: 69
State/Province: NY
Logo: 69
Colour: light pink with red speckles
Shape: circle… very wide and thin
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: very thin.. very wide… bitter as fuck… red speckles all over thats it very plain looking.

same as those^ thanks for the pic hope its ok to take.. dint have one of my own an all in the sense of harm reduction 🙂

Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: yes
Marquis Reagent: Black
Consumed: yes
User Report: saw these all over the festival i was at… heard nothing but good things.. tested it.. best reaction i had out of the pressed pills i tested. as fast of a reaction as all the molly i tested. shit fuckin fizzed in turn black immediatly when the reactant hit it. popped one 45 min later was floored. dont remember the last time one pill did me in this good… shutter vision… empathy… everything i wanted out of a pill. better then the blue stars zorros lightbulbs and real g ladys ive had. this straight up prob best roll ive had. get um if you can!!EDIT: dropped pill. within 15 minutes i could feel it. i knew it was gonna be a sweet fucking roll. within 45 i was floored i was like wtf!??!?! i felt like i dropped 4 blue stars at once… i rolled nicely for about 3 hrs. i only ate one fingerdab of molly during this time an this was about 2 hrs after i ate the roll…. usually i re dose every half hr to a hr…. with these one pill was almost to much no joke!!!! IF YOU ARE A NEWB START WITH 1/2! if you have a tolerence eat one… wait 45… if ur not satisfied eat another.. i gurantee you these are the best fuckin rolls ive ever had!! as soon as i started coming down i felt a slight back ache but i am VERY sensitive to drugs an no matter how clean i always tend to get mild lower back pains. felt like i could sleep like a baby on the comedown… no amp whatsover. these are fuckin clean baby!! an judging by the reports these are a yr old… so im VERYYY happy that they are still circulatin at festivals 🙂 GET THEM!!!!

So rollinbiscuit picked these up at that festival over 4th of July weekend at Governors Island, we presume.

this is straight up probably the best roll I had.–rollinbiscuit

And what about rollinbiscuit’s observation that “the shit fuckin fizzed in turn black immediately”, comparing it to the pure MDMA powder (Molly) he has tested?  Sounds like some really newly minted bombs to me, which means they didn’t have a long distance to travel, or if they did, they still got here extremely fast.

I know what Dr. J would say.  No domestic E, not domestic, legal consequences too great.  I agree with those feelings, but also feel that there are domestic makers who go under the radar and who can get the starter chemicals, and do.  And a local outfit would probably explain the crude, basic stamp.  We need to look no further than Wisconsin and “the amphetamine kids” up in Quebec for evidence of that.

I tend to trust rollinbiscuit here, in any case.  Grab these pills.  Go.

Be Careful,

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