Blue Lady Pokeballs (above).

Blue Lady Pokeballs have hit Seattle to rave reviews, according to a submission to by shinydiscoballs.

Let’s take a look at shinydiscoballs’ trip report:

Date Submitted: July 30, 2010, 1:53 am GMT
Submitted By: shinydiscoballs
Name: Blue Naked Lady Pokeballs
State/Province: Seattle, WA
Logo: Naked Lady Pokeball
Colour: Blue
Shape: Round
Height: 5 mm
Width: 8 mm
Texture: Hard, smooth, chalky.
Edges: Sharp
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 1 vote)
Description: Very vivid blue, a little lighter than in the picture. Sorry, for the blurry & dark pic, phone camera.Larger pic:
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: I must preface this by saying that I rolled pretty hard the previous weekend, so my tolerance may have been a little messed up. Also, all times are estimated. Also also, first pill report, sorry if I mess anything up.OK, so I got these for a rave this past weekend for me and my friends. I enter the event with my friends, wait a little to get the vibe of the party, and decide it’s ok to drop.T + 0:00- Double drop these, no chewing. Head out to the floor and begin dancing.
T + 0:30- Notice I’m coming up a little. Feeling light, legs are eager to dance, etc.
T + 0:40- I feel like I just got hit by a truck. Holy shit I’m rolling hard. I feel like I’m part of the music and it’s just flowing through me as I dance. Throw a ❤ up for the DJ.
T + 0:50- DJs switch. I decide to go and buy a water and drink some. Now that I have time to think, I notice that I am having medium jaw clenching and small amounts of eye wiggles; I can still text a friend who isn’t at the party without much problems.
T + 0:55- Me and my friends light up cigs and sit down. Cuddle puddle was formed with friends and a couple of awesome strangers. Lots of deep conversations and a few massages. I think I smoked another cig somewhere in here.
T + 1:10- Decide to take a booster to get me through the night. Talking with one of my best rave friends.
T + 1:15- Forgot I had taken booster, and take another. Worst move of the night.
T + 1:16- Realize that the timeslots were changed and that the headliner is spinning and immediately head out to the dance floor.
T + 1:25- Coming up on the booster… coordination is kinda fucked at this point. Dancing is hard. Get next to a speaker and just feel the bass flow through me.
T + 1:35- Nausea building up quickly, I complain about it a little to a friend. Friend asks if I’m ok about 30 seconds later, I must look kinda sick. Her and I go sit down and talk.
T + 1:50- Nausea fading. That was the closest I’ve come to puking from ecstasy. Me and my friend head back out to the dance floor. Much more dancing continues.
T + ?:??- Check my phone for the time & new texts. Eye wiggles are too intense to read anything on my phone other than the time.
T + 2:30- So tired (been up for ~22 hours at this point, including a 8 hour shift of manual labor). Still rolling hard though; jaw clenching and eye wiggles have increased a lot. At some point a piece of gum made it into my mouth. I take another smoke break, and talk with a rave friend that I haven’t seen in a few months.
T + 2:50- Notice the DJs switch, start dancing again.
T + 2:55- Not happening. Way too tired. Create another cuddle puddle. Got a lightshow, it was mindblowing.
T + 3:20- Notice I’m starting to come down a bit. Lights not quite as bright.
T + 3:30- Got to talk with the headliner, he was very nice. We ate popsicles together 😀 Roll definitely fading by this point.
T + 3:45- Pretty much sober. Still in a good mood, chatty, etc. but no more body high.
T + 4:00- One of the friends that I brought with (I was the driver) needed to get home; start saying my goodbyes to all my raver friends. Hard to keep the conversations short as I’m still rolling a bit.
T + 4:30- Finally finish saying goodbye, get to my car. Blast the heat, feels nice. Start chatting with friends.
T + 4:35- None of my friends seem as eager to chat as me, I guess their rolls are over. I start blasting some happy hardcore and sing along. Good vibes.
T + 5:00- Finally arrive home, roll completely gone by this point. Extremely tired, but in a good mood.
T + 5:10- Hop into bed. Jaw clenching is still there, but not so bad that I need something to chew on. Pass out almost instantaneously.

Woke up the next day, I had slept for about 8 hours without any interruptions. Jaw a bit sore, cut my lip a bit (probably chewed on it while sleeping) but otherwise everything is great. No problems eating a bowl of cereal. Minimal hangover over the next few days, just some extra tired-ness.

Overall, I think they’re very clean pills. Maybe cut with caffeine? The come-down was very gentle though and the hangover was close to nonexistant so I’d have to say they’re clean. My only mistake was taking too much. I rated these MDxx High because even though I had rolled the previous weekend, I still rolled very hard for 3.5-4 hours (I have 3 hour rolls normally). If you’re in the area, don’t hesitate to pick some of these up.

“Maybe cut with caffeine?” asks shinydiscoballs.  Yeah, probably.

But what we can’t figure out is why the Pokeball man has to basically mock the East Coast’s best pill, the Blue G Lady/G Spot, with his most likely caffeine adulterated pills–very poor imitations.

Why would the Pokeball “man” (cartel) lampoon the East Coast’s best pill, that is 25 % larger than most Pokeballs, and made from pure MDMA that is not adulterated?  Are these Mexicans just having a little fun?  I think they are–at the community’s expense.  I think they think we are stupid for going so crazy for adulterated pills, and aren’t necessarily mocking G Spots but rather, their own Pokeball faithful. 

Be Smart,

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