Slain NBA former big man, Lorenzen Wright (above).

Long time former NBA player Lorenzen Wright, last seen alive on July 19th, was shot to death repeatedly by gunmen who Tennessee authorities think might be connected to Wright’s ex-wife.

Homicide detectives searched the backyard of Lorenzen Wright‘s ex-wife on Sunday, focusing on a fire pit Sherra Wright used on the day the former NBA journeyman was reported missing.

WPTY-TV in Memphis said neighbors contacted police because they thought it was strange for Sherra Wright to start a fire in the backyard of her Collierville home, a Memphis suburb, on one of the hottest nights of the year.

Neighbors say Sherra Wright has engaged in other strange behavior in recent weeks. Tim Coleman said he recently overheard an emotional Sherra Wright demanding money over the phone.

“I just heard her talking to somebody about needing her money,” Coleman said. “I don’t know anymore than that. I really try not to listen to it but when she’s screaming it’s hard not to hear stuff.”

Memphis attorney Gail Mathes, who is representing representing Sherra Wright, told the Daily News last week that three armed men came to her home about six weeks ago looking for the 13-season NBA veteran, and threatened to kill her or one of her children if she went to the cops.

I was on vacation over the weekend, when I heard this preposterous story about men with guns coming to the home of Sherra Wright, demanding to know where the player was, and threatening her that if she went to the police the player or one of her children will be killed.

That’s always a good excuse to pull out of the clear blue sky–the one about the gunmen coming to find the guy at the ex-wife’s house and threatening silence on the condition of murder.  Can’t wait to see what forensic investigators find in Sherra Wright’s fire pit, and in analyzing her phone records more closely.

Wouldn’t be surprised if there’s a 25 to life sentence waiting for this scheming bitch, allegedly.

This tragedy forces us to recall the recent tragedy of another Tennessee athlete, Titans’ star quarterback Steve McNair.

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