Green and yellow Paul Frank Monkeys (above).

Apparently some Paul Frank Monkeys have hung around Miami.  The good ones–according to jay321.  Let’s check out his submission to

Paul Frank Monkey  
Date Submitted: August 7, 2010, 1:43 am GMT
Submitted By: jay321
Name: Paul Frank Monkey
State/Province: FL
Logo: monkey
Colour: green
Shape: round
Edges: beveled/flat
Report Quality Rating: not rated
Description: Hard pills, tasted nasty bitter. But damn good MDxx high’s
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: omg…. seriously I know theres lots of reports on this things going around and ya they are damnnn good! finally some good pills in central florida!

anyways me and my girl friend both took 1 whole yellow monkey and split a light green monkey (sharp ear monkey) which the taste of them reminded me of the MDMA capsules I had snorted over a year ago, so I got damn excited! We went off to the beach to a local hotel, by the time we got there we where rollin balls like crazy, eye wiggles, spine chills, gitty-ness and laughing, so much deep breathing as well… as soon as we stepped out of the car in the parking lot my g/f threw up from blowing up so hard, but she was fine right after. so we continued down to the beach wrapped in bracelet/necklace glow sticks (in red of course incase of turtles) on our way to the beach we blew up by gettin half in the hot tub which was really nice, plus we had the hotel to our self since it was like 2:00 AM. we stayed there til about 6 am, with a solid roll the whole time, very intimate with my girlfriend on the beach and she surprizingly got me hard while I was rollin (prob the clean pills) anyways yall know where this is goin.

Conclusion: BEST BEANS! IN – FACE AWESOME! Out – faced Bad!!
Im rollin right now, which is the next day, and Im still feeling so good bout to hit the beach again peace!

jay321, it sounds like you had a good night.  Sorry your girlfriend threw up, but we’re glad she got you hard.  These pills have been floating around Florida for a while now, but don’t confuse them with any cutouts.  Round pills, and notice the detail around the ears.  For more on Paul Franks follow the links below.

Be Careful,

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