Blue Thundercat Pokeballs (above).

We have our first official international Pokeball sighting, as Blue Thundercat Pokeballs have popped up in Ontario, according to a recently filed trip report to by gnomo01.

Let’s go through gnomo01’s report:

Blue Thundercat Pokeballs  
Date Submitted: August 16, 2010, 4:16 am GMT
Last Updated: August 16, 2010, 4:26 am GMT
Submitted By: gnomo01
Name: Blue Thundercat Pokeballs
State/Province: Ontario
Logo: Thundercat
Colour: Blue, with white chalky spots
Shape: round
Texture: chalky and firm
Edges: rounds and firmly pressed
Report Quality Rating: (5 stars, 2 votes)
Description: a good bang for your buck. i would definetely buy this pokeballs again whenever i come across them. although i am quite curious about their true contents. i did some research online at and it said that thundercat pokeballs where know to contain some levels of ketamine, which is know to give hallucinations and the feeling of a mild anesthesia when consumed in large enough doses, which is some of the symptoms i experienced
Suspected Contents: MDMA
Rating: MDxx High
Warning: no
Tested: no
Consumed: yes
User Report: A homie and I bought ::::mod edit OC_mod:::: of this blue thundercat pokeballs from a well known source. Friday night comes around, we decided to give this pills a shot.
9.00pm- downed the first pill witha glass of orange juice
9.45pm- the effects of the first pills start to kick in. feeling euphoric. eye wiggles begin and my pupils look the size of quarters
11.15pm- we continue enjoying a very euphoric trip and we are peaking at this moment.we put up light shows and bump some techno music.
11.30pm- we decide to pop a second pokeball, it does not take too long for the second pill to start giving out its effects.
11.45- at this moment we are feeling very light headed, my legs begin to show some uncontrolled muscle movements and we start using some vaporub inhalers top enhance the trip.
12.00am-1.00am our symptoms stay quite the same throughout this time frame. omly changes are the addition of some intense jaw grinding and eye wiggles.
1.15am- we felt quite brave and decided to pop our third and final pill. at this moment, the previous 2 pills are giving out their effects at a full blast. the euphoria, eye wiggles, and the rest of the symptoms become amplified.
1.45am- the third and final pill kicks in.. at this moment , we begin tripping out on the glow sticks we had been playing with. we begin feeling in a state of mild anesthesia.
2.30am- at this point of the night, the third pill is going at full blast. we began having some hallucinations. my friend was seeing people who he assured me, where sitting next to him. he had full conversations with the non- existing persons. the symptoms were quite similar to me, i was also having the same kind of hallucinations, the regular symptoms of mdma remain as well. the hallucinations came in with intervals of about 10 min each, wich after that time, we would snap out of them.
4.30am- the hallucinations have completely dissapeared now, we are now just under the effects of the ecstasy, pupils remained dilated, eye wiggles continued but the euphoria decreased as well as our happy moods. we are now feeling depressed and drained out
5.00am- i decide to hit my room. i took a pill of centrum multi vitamin before bed and i managed to conceive sleep quite fast.

Ketamine?  Really?  I think not.  While many have rumored Pokeballs to contain Ketamine, we are afraid Pokeball nation is not that lucky.  But gnomo01 should know that so far,’s lab has found four varieties of Pokeballs to be adulterated with caffeine.

At least for Canada’s sake, we aren’t talking about shwaggy, adulterated speed pills for a change.

Be Safe,

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