Blue Lacoste Pokeballs, White Diamond Pokeballs, Green Lady/G Spot Pokeballs, Yellow Zoo York Pokeballs, and Purple CU Pokeballs (above)–just some of the Pokeballs to surface in Las Vegas, Arizona, Hawaii, and of course, California of late, according to submissions to

The reports are mostly glowing and contain no scientific testing, so we will just provide the links below.

Purple Internet Explorer Pokeballs (Cal/Az)

Purple CU Pokeballs

Blue Thundercat Pokeballs

Yellow Zoo York Pokeballs

Green G Spot/Lady Pokeballs

White Diamond Pokeballs (Chicago, Las Vegas)

Keep in mind that so far, 4 varieties of Pokeballs have been conclusively found to be adulterated with caffeine by the lab so far.

Be Safe,

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