16 time major champion Roger Federer and new coach, Paul Annacone (right).

When Roger strode onto practice court one at the National Tennis Center in Flushing, New York on Saturday afternoon, he had two coaches in toe with good reason: Swiss Davis Cup Captain Severin Luthi, and former British Davis Cup Captain and longtime Pete Sampras’ coach Paul Annacone.

Roger nearest the bottom, back to us (above) with Annacone perched to Roger’s left.

Federer, in making some pre-US Open comments, said the following about his coaching situation:

Federer said he thinks he will get back the Flushing throne that eluded him last year, with the Open beginning tomorrow. He will stick with Paul Annacone as permanent coach, the guru who guided Pete Sampras.

“We’ve moved it from a test trial to integrating him into our team,” Federer said.


Then, in classic Federer rye put down fashion, Roger told reporters that even though he just lost to Murray in Toronto–a strong favorite at The Open, that he’d rather see Nadal get through the Murray/Nadal half of the draw.

Stuck on 16 Grand Slam titles, Federer petered out at the French Open and Wimbledon, with rival Rafael Nadal claiming both events.

Federer wants to see the No. 1-seeded Spaniard in two weeks, though Andy Murray is the chic choice to face Federer.

Federer and Nadal have never met at the U.S. Open.

“We’ve played in all the other majors, this one’s missing,” Federer said. “Hope we can do it this year. Obviously having won the last two, it’s interesting to see if he could win three this year. I’d love to play him.”

Federer admitted to some complacency since breaking Pete Sampras’ mark of 14 Slams, saying: “I’m not scared of taking losses.”

But later, Federer added, “Don’t get me wrong. I’m not happy playing semis and Finals. What gets me very happy is winning Grand Slams and taking home the silverware.”

“Stuck on 16 Grand Slam titles”….really?  First of all, I hate when people, especially those paid to know this stuff, are ignorant.  Marc Berman, who usually does a solid job of covering the Knicks in The Post, is really vacant when it comes to tennis.

A Grand Slam is when a player wins all 4 majors in one year.  I’m sure Roger would love to be “stuck” on 16 Grand Slams because that mean he has won 64 majors.  People refer to majors all the time as grand slams, and that is wrong. 

How about Roger being “stuck” though?  He’s taken a major this year (Australian).  I’d like to be “stuck” like that as well.






Enjoy The Open.

–Crack (https://crackbillionair.wordpress.com, www.crackbillionair.com)