Deceased comedian Robert Schimmel (above).

Bob Schimmel, Bronx native, cancer survivor, and the son of Holocaust survivors, is dead today after sustaining life threatening injuries last night in a Phoenix car accident.

Schimmel, 60, was a passenger in his 19-year-old daughter’s car on August 26 when she lost control after swerving to avoid another accident on a Phoenix highway. The daughter was hospitalized, but is expected to recover. Schimmel’s 11-year-old son was also a passenger in the car and was uninjured, according to media reports.

The actor was best known for his radio work on “The Howard Stern Show” and had appeared on several HBO programs, including his own special, “Unprotected.”

Schimmel had a heart attack in 1998 and in 2000 was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, from which he recovered. He later wrote a book about his treatment called “Cancer on $5 a Day.” He lost his son Derek to leukemia at age 11.

This is truly sad news.  We had just learned last week from Sirius XM’s The Howard Stern Program that Schimmel had moved to Arizona to help care for his elderly parents, and we looked forward to an upcoming telephone appearance in which he was set to explain the current state of his life to Howard.

If you are unfamiliar with Schimmel’s brand of hilarious, filthy humor, here’s a little “taste”:

Robert Schimmel remembered the day that Barry Diller resigned from 20th-Century Fox in 1992.

“That night, I did a big industry showcase in L.A. where you go on in front of everybody–ABC, CBS, NBC, Disney, Sony, Warner, Fox,” he said. “And my opening line was, ‘I have such bad timing in this business. I blew Barry Diller last night.'”

Mr. Schimmel waited a beat. “Well, my agent came over to me and he said, ‘Are you out of your fucking mind?’ I said, ‘Why?’

“‘Because the guy can make a phone call and I won’t even be in show business anymore. Blow someone else!'” Mr. Schimmel’s agent said, adding that if Mr. Diller “finds out, he’s going to go nuts!”

“I said why would he go nuts?” Mr. Schimmel recalled. “I’m blowing him !”

And no one should go without seeing Schimmel’s latest special, in which he detailed his life since being diagnosed with cancer, and dished candidly on his divorce and new marriage to his daughter’s friend, Life Since Then. (Schimmel performing @ Dangerfield’s)


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