Federer: -400 (wager 400 units to win 100 units, plus initial wager)

Soderling: +300 (wager 100 units to win 300 units, plus initial wager) 


Federer: -450

Soderling: +325

The above trend indicates that Vegas was taking more wagers than they wanted to at Federer -400, so they shifted the odds further away from Federer in the hopes of generating some wagering on Soderling.  It seems like smart money is on Roger, especially at -400 on the money line.  Also, the fact that the winds are whipping over on Ashe would seem to benefit Roger’s game over Soderling’s.  The wind is reeking havoc on the servers in the women’s match right now.

Federer-Soderling will air when top seeded female Caroline Wozniacki and Dominika Cibulkova conclude.  Wozniacki leads 6-1, 3-4 at present.  Federer-Soderling will be called by John and Patrick McEnroe.